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    • jonathanbak

      Store Sale!   01/18/2017

      To celebrate the birthday of Sellt we have a 32% off sale until Sunday the 22nd. Head over to store.atherys.com to take a look!


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    • I do? How about that... I guess I should look at a calendar every now and then  
    • The Ilthilien Summit The Daggerlands government will convene at Ilthilien for the third Summit of the Progressive Campaign. The event is tomorrow, January 20, 2017 at 5PM ATZ. All are welcome to attend.   The following is the agenda of events for the evening: 1. A discussion on the current state of the national railroad. 2. State of the Nation 3. ~Magister Request~ 4. A discussion on The Daggerlands' internal affairs. 5. ~Public Forward~ 6. The Economy 7. ~Public Forward~ 8. ~Press Reply~   The Magisterial Procedure As Magisters may or may not know, Magisters are required to adhere to the rules of the Summit and the Magisterial Procedures. These procedures have been set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon and will remain active until proposed otherwise through Summit vote.   The Role of the Pithkeeper and their Vice The Role of the Pithkeeper and their Vice remain the same. Due to the seat of Pithkeeper being vacant, the Vice-Pithkeeper will seat in their place. These procedures have been set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon and will remain active until proposed otherwise through Summit vote.   The Role of the Citizens Citizens will have the opportunity to speak throughout the convention. During the two Public Forwards, citizens have full speaking power. The Pithkeeper and his Vice will summon any citizen who wishes to be on the Speakers List. Any citizen who has failed to put himself on the Speakers List will have to wait until the end and send a message the the Pithkeeper, and the Pithkeeper will strongly consider to allow the citizen to speak. The citizen will most likely be allowed to, granted there isn’t a time crunch. If the Pithkeeper unrightfully denies the request without reason, an appeal may be filed.   The Press and Foreign Attendees The Press and Foreign parties are to adhere to the rules of the Summit set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon:   Enrollment to the Speaker and Press Lists Please follow the instructions listed on this form. ~ Thank you for your time and effort. We look forward to your attendance. - The Daggerlands Central Government
    • May the fires of Raviyna's soul consume and engulf the bones of any traitor found guilty of such crimes!

      Remember, there are spies everywhere. Did anyone see you smuggle the gold to other nations? Was anyone eavesdropping during the transaction? If so, you won't have much time before the gates to Sav-Synav's garden close forever on your soul!

      Ask yourselves - is an extra hundred yora worth betraying the sands upon which you were born? The sands stained with the blood of your ancestors, who died protecting the interests of the dunes?

      If you are willing to take silver for your loyalty, then the sands will not be your home much longer. Make the right choice. Ingratiate yourself in the eyes of the capital, and our one true god.
        (Real talks though, don't do it. It's not worth the hassle for a few extra yora. There are other benefits to selling it to us. )
    • Heres your tombstone: RIP AROTH2000 AS HE WAS KILLED BY AN ASSASSIN
    • Alright go ahead and PM me times you might be available in the coming days and we'll go from there
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Founded in 2012, the A'therys Ascended community consists of roleplayers, builders, pvp'ers, and merchants. Work within a nation, organization, or solo as you embark on your adventure into the world of A'therys.

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