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Use of McPatcher or Optifine is highly recommended.

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  • Author: Gazamo
    Contributor: Altairas
    Supporterd Minecraft Versions:

    1.5 - 1.7.9

    Resource Pack Version:


    Last Updated:


    Servers Provided by: Full Effect Hosting
    Change Logs:

    + fixed blue stained clay

    + fixed blue orchid

    + updated bookshelfs

    + update skybox

    + new door

    + new blue glass

    + new grass block

    - removed alot of unused metas

    + new oak log

    + new oak planks

    + new stone slabs

    + re-coloured trapdoor



    - New iron block ctm (hell biome)

    - New glowstone ctm (hell biome)

    - New chiseled stonebrick ctm

    - New trapdoor ctm

    - New vines ctm (hell biome)

    -door texture, Slimeballs, quartz crystal, ender eyes, arrow, apples all changed

    + the health bar of boss monsters+Old redstoneblock/emerald/gold



    _Large GUI update.

    _Health/Horse Health.




    _XP and Boss bar changed to Custom textures.

    _Horse Jump bar currently replaced with conquest default.



    _New obsidian and bedrock textures.

    _Improved cake texture.

    _Improved sheep texture and created black sheep as a random mob. These sheeps can also be found on the Conquest pack when its updated next.

    _2 new pig types pink pig is now default, still needs some more work to make the texture look a bit less creepy. Might end up removing the gray pig.

    _Boars has been moved to random mobs and later on will be made in to biome specific for cold biomes as well as savannah.

    _Added a rat random mob version for silverfish, Once the property file is done it will be only seen on above 50 blocks. This texture will also be included on the next version of Conquest.

    _Improved the font, ligned letters so it doesn't look so funky.

    _Started color coding the language file from scratch, not fully done yet.

    _Created a secret biome specific texture. Warning: Really creepy so don't freak out if you suddenly find it out.

    _Decided to include the sound files from Conquest. Also started to look around for more sounds, haven't had time to change them in to .ogg format. If anyone wants to help me find some usable sounds just look around websites such as http://opengameart.org/ and to convert them to .ogg just use Audacity.

    _Started to recommend a sound pack ( http://www.olasonline.net/oblivioncraft/ ) for everyone who is playing Minecraft on +1.7. Remember to put A'therys pack on top of it on the resource pack selection.



    _Updated to match the latest version of Conquest.

    _New piston top texture with added CTM support. Perfect use as a table or a crate.

    _Finished all the carpet textures, might change them around later on.

    _New iron door texture to work with the new metal. Also new iron door item texture.

    _New carved stonebrick texture what actually is carved.

    _Fixed all the mineral block textures so the CTM isn't so broken.

    _New beacon texture.

    _Fixed parts of the GUI, made a bar texture for the added health when you eat a golden apple. Also changed the horse health icons.

    _Fixed colors on the language file. Not updated to support 1.7.2 added text yet.



    _Updated to match the latest version of Conquest.

    _New stonebrick, mossy stonebrick, cracked stonebrick and carved stonebrick textures. Also made a randomized texture for all of them except the carved one.

    _Removed the verticle connected texture for carved stonebrick. Will be creating a new one.

    _Added randomize texture to lapis lazuli block.

    _Made a repeating texture for normal clay.

    _Improved obsidian texture and applied a lava animation to it rather than just red lines like before.

    _New pigman texture, follows the lore slightly better.

    _New piston texture so it doesn't stand out from other textures.

    _New hell biome specific texture for mycelium.



    _Resource pack now uses Conquest as a base instead of JohnSmith. Thanks to Monsterfisher the author of Conquest for allowing me to do this.

    _Way too many new things to list them all.

    _Has all the metadata/ctm textures what Conquest uses.

    _Allot of the mobs has been turned in to higher quality to match with the Conquest ones. Some still unfinished.



    A'therys Ascended Resource Pack is based on the works of Monsterfisher author of the Conquest resource pack. The inspiration behind the pack comes from games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. On version 1.7.8 V3.1 the resource pack can be considered as a lighter and more saturated version of the Conquest resource pack, this will change over time. Custom GUI has been added and the team are working hard to to make changes that suit A'therys life.

    Terms of Usage

    A'therys Ascended Resource Pack is copyright of Gazamo Ltd. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    DO NOT:

    • - You are not allowed use any of these textures in your own, or remix, pack; even if you've edited them!
    • - You also cannot re-upload this pack on any other website, or claim it is your own work. No exceptions to any of these!

    For enquiries, concerns and further questions you can contact our admin team via this link: Contact Us

    (you will have to create a website account)


    • - You may edit these textures if you are creating mod support for this texture pack. So long as you do not use an adfly or similar link for the download.
    • - You may use this pack in a video or , credit is appreciated but not required.
    • - You may include this pack in a download with a map of your creation or adventure map, so long as it is not edited or remixed with another pack. Credit is required in this case.
    • - You may use this pack as your servers official texture pack. So long as you follow the other terms of use.



    A'therys Ascended Resource Pack originally started as a JohnSmith personal use only pack back in early 2012. It was released to public the same time as the RP/PvP server A'therys Ascended was released. From there on it was mainly used as a community texture pack for Gazamo. Thanks to Hypixel's Herobrine's Mansion adventure map the texture pack finally got some recognazion outside of the Gazamo community, and was listed as a top 12 most used texture pack back in November 2012 the same month as Herobrine's Mansion was released.

    Since Minecraft version 1.7.2 A'therys Ascended Resource Pack started to use Conquest as a base instead of JohnSmith.



    (More Screenshots Coming Later)


    The resource pack is based on Conquest which you can get from here:


    Metada Info

    For the expert builders and WorldEdit/VoxelSniper users out there I have some cool metadata textures in the pack (You can place them with //set, /lrbuild and /replace etc. If you are playing on a server I recommend using this plugin for better access to the metadata blocks).

    You can also access these metadata textures in vanilla with the /give command. Just type /give <playername> <item> [amount] [metadata] so for example if I wanted to give myself a iron fence I would do /give RoniSaysWoot 139 1 3
    [Note: Minecraft is moving towards not using numbers for items such as 139 for cobblestone wall so the command would change in to /give RoniSaysWoot minecraft:cobblestone_wall 1 3]
    Please make sure to look at the reference sheet linked below, there you can see which blocks can be placed by hand and which can't.

    Click here to see a reference sheet of all the metadata textures!
    (Currently using the same reference sheet as Conquest, but over time will be starting to compile my own).
    You will need either McPatcher or Optifine in order to see the metadata textures.

    Heres an example what you can achieve by using the metadata textures: