A'therys Ascended Resource Pack

Updated to work with 1.8!



A'therys Ascended Resource Pack is based on the works of Monsterfisher author of the Conquest resource pack. The inspiration behind the pack comes from games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. On version 1.7.8 V3.1 the resource pack can be considered as a lighter and more saturated version of the Conquest resource pack, this will change over time. Custom GUI has been added and the team are working hard to to make changes that suit A'therys life.


 A'therys Ascended Resource Pack originally started as a JohnSmith personal use only pack back in early 2012. It was released to public the same time as the RP/PvP server A'therys Ascended was released. From there on it was mainly used as a community texture pack for Gazamo. Thanks to Hypixel's Herobrine's Mansion adventure map the texture pack finally got some recognazion outside of the Gazamo community, and was listed as a top 12 most used texture pack back in November 2012 the same month as Herobrine's Mansion was released. 

Since Minecraft version 1.7.2 A'therys Ascended Resource Pack started to use Conquest as a base instead of JohnSmith. 

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Terms of use

- You are not allowed use any of these textures in your own, or remix, pack; even if you've edited them!
- You also cannot re-upload this pack on any other website, or claim it is your own work. 

No exceptions to any of these!
For enquiries, concerns and further questions you can contact our admin team via this link: Contact Us (you will have to create a website account)

- You may edit these textures if you are creating mod support for this texture pack. So long as you do not use an adfly or similar link for the download.
- You may use this pack in a video or , credit is appreciated but not required.
- You may include this pack in a download with a map of your creation or adventure map, so long as it is not edited or remixed with another pack. Credit is required in this case.
- You may use this pack as your servers official texture pack. So long as you follow the other terms of use.

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