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  • Official Lore Changelog 11/15/2017
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    By Dannie,
    Folks! It’s competition time. I challenge you to build something halloween themed on the build server (build.atherys.com) using conquest reforged. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your build and post it below, the best screenshot will win. There are a couple rules: It must be halloween themed It must use the conquest reforged mod The build must be yours! No stealing other people’s builds please. There will be 1 winner. To win, RETWEET, FOLLOW and LIKE the tweet and post your screenshot below. The winner will have their screenshot featured on our facebook, twitter and PMC. Competition ends 31st October! Good luck!

    Wiki Entry Wednesday : 10/25/2017

    By Xathas,
    Happy Wiki Entry Wednesday! Each Wednesday, we'll be releasing new entries to the Wiki in preparation for A'therys: Horizons.

    So let's start this off with a little history. This week, and the next four weeks, will each be dedicated to a Nation's History article! First up, we have the Isles Added History of the Gennaian Isles to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Gennaian Isles icon from the lorelanding  

    Discord Update - 18th October

    By Dannie,
    Hi all. The Discord now has the new nations! Feel free to join the nation you want with:
    !nation Atvoria
    !nation Gennaian Isles
    !nation Daidama
    !nation Dalkun Tir
    !nation Kilnholdt

    Back Online

    By Dannie,
    Hello. As you can see, the forums are now back online and we have wiped a good portion of it. We will be adjusting things here and there, but you are now able to use them as we progress onto the build up of the new server.    A'therys Administration

    Creature Creation Contest Winner!

    By Xathas,
    First off, this was a lot of fun to read, and I will definitely have to host another contest like this again sometime. Thank you to everyone who entered into the contest!   But I had to pick one; and the winner is....   *Drumroll......*

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