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    Voting is now ready.

    By Edd,
    Voting is now live. Each day you can vote and will get 50y per vote. We are on two main sites, PMC and Minecraft forums. You also have a chance at a free cache each vote as well.   The links: PMC - http://tinyurl.com/q757f9t MCF - http://tinyurl.com/z4rhbdj   [Note – MCF and maybe PMC will get effected by adblock, so making an exception for it is a good idea]   I will get Nathan to do a forum add on the side with links and have an in game message running.   Thanks for reading.   P.s if you vote and get a cache can you pm me and tell me, just want to be 100% sure that is working.  

    TotM | Harvikir | March

    By Roselis,
    It's the beginning of the month again, which means its time to announce our March winners! Congratulations to @Velkas and everyone from.. Harvikir .. for winning Town of the Month in the overall category! Harvikir is a known to be one of the biggest driving forces of PvP across A'therys, striving to uphold honour and respect in the community, as well as have some of the most gorgeous builds you can find in game! ~ Here's a few quotes grabbed from people within the community: "I always see players from Harvikir around doing things together and out in the community! They seem to be an integral part of their nation and the server!" - El Jefe "The Harvikir community is awesome! They represent their nation in every event I come across and I can see the trust their government and the Pyre Warden has in them, which is very promising! They also help look after me and my 'significant other' here in a'Ravhar! Which is quite fortunate cause we are very incompetent... Their town looks spectacular and truly breath taking, and though it was a horrific incident, I enjoyed being dragged into their cave, being tortured and fed to their yeti. c:" - Selukkite Fan Boy "Since my "significant other," as he forces me to call him, is diagnosed with severe incompetence, I ALWAYS depend on Harvikir. Velkas and the rest of Harvikir delivers discipline when PvPing to ensure a positive experience, are tremendous help to all new players, and are outstanding builders. I've known Velkas for almost 3 years, and if any town deserved the spotlight, it's definitely his. But Mike, you're still bad." - Cactus Queen "Best looking Vrovonic town I've seen in EVO!" - Some Guy Just one of the features found in Harvikir! Look at those statues! ~ Here's what Velkas and a few other players from Harvikir have to say about their town:   1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? Harvikir as it stands has become a powerful town due to the experienced players within it, and the communication and teamwork we bring to the battlefield. However, Harvikir does not recruit new players regularly, which is something we look to change in the near future. Once we are able to house the new players and have adequate supplies and people to train them, we will begin recruitment. Another major goal of Harvikir's is to continue to uphold the Vrovonic standard, and stay true to our nations beliefs. The last goal for Harvikir would be to encourage players in my town to try out other aspects of the server, you never know how much you might like writing some RP, starting a business in A'therys, or helping build up your town. Overall, we are all looking to see our town and nation grow and become better in every way possible. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? Almost every single citizen of Harvikir actively participates in PvP, however many of us enjoy other aspects of the server as well. We have merchants in the town, RPers, and a few builders. Everyone in Harvikir pitches in somehow, be it through combat, building, making money, or helping out new players.  3. What would you like to say or establish about Harvikir that you may not have had the chance to do so before? If you message some of us, especially myself, I'll talk to you for a bit (Just gonna reiterate I said some of us). I have actually made a few friends by killing them. Most of us over here are pretty chill, and will talk to you about almost anything over /msg or teamspeak. 4. What's it like to be a part of Harvikir? "Being in Harvikir is like having having another family. Everyone in this town has fun with each other, even when we are yelling at each other, whether we are trying to break in Velkas' house or getting ready to defend in a raid. It is always fun to be on with everyone in the town with it being a nice environment that makes it fun to play on the server." [email protected] "Harvikir is a close knit group of friends, we have a lot of fun together, and then there's @Ish988" [email protected]_Bread 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "One of my favourite things about Harvikir's community is that everyone has each other's back. Whether is be getting revenge on someone who had just came up behind you and blasted you down with arrows or giving out some money to buy a new dank pig mount. We all have our roles in the town and we all try to do our best at fulfilling those roles. I also like that we are all looking to grow the town and build on what we have, like improving our PvP skills and getting some sick builds actually built in game." [email protected] For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: None at the moment, but this will be updated as posts are made! ~ Once again, congrats to all the people of Harvikir for your hard work and involvement within the A'therys community! I hope to see continued great work from you all!

    1.9 - When / How Long.

    By Edd,
    1.9 When and Who The Hell Cares.   Oh yay another version of Minecraft containing a whole bunch of stuff no one asked for, a few bug fixes and something about performance of the game, ok that last one interests me.   So to keep this as plain and easy to understand as possible here is how updating works:   Mojang release a new update. Spigot (the basis for all plugin using servers) then gets to update its software. Once spigot is updated all the people (these people are not us, they are third parties) who make all the plugins we use, can update. Then we can update.   Notes: Since we have around 44 plugins, most of which are made by completely different people, how long that part takes is, well up to those people. Some plugins are simple so they don’t need updating happy days. We in no way control how long it takes.   Since this is “THE PVP UPDATE”:   Shields are already in Heores, we can easily factor those in. The new arrows can be factored in. How PvP physically works now in Minecraft, well I don’t actually know if its good or bad but WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT MOJANG DOES SO DON’T BOTHER COMPLAING TO US.   Cool, I guess that is about it. The last major MC update which was 1.8 I guess, that took around 2 months to get A’therys updated but that’s because so much of the base code had changed in MC, so this one may be quicker.

    Coin Sinks

    By Barnie,
    So, have this:       Go speak to ole Nicholas.  Maybe see what he has to offer you for a price.  Beware of trying to purchase items you don't have enough money for, he doesnt really like it. He can be found near every capital's inn except Roreg's.  Roreg's Nicholas is in the market.  If you have any problems, message me on the forums or skype. Enjoy, Barnie (Josh)

    As Requested - V2 Map Download

    By Edd,
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8g1svj5lsoms7vr/Atheyrs%20World%20V2.zip?dl=0   It is 3.5GB still though, so big download.    

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    By OccidentalAnvil,
    Well, it's finally here. Officially, at any rate, apparently we weren't trying all that hard to keep it locked down before yesterday. Because last night is when I threw the switch and sent the A'therian Archives live from the forums. Thanks so much to @Nathan for his help on the coding side! Inside, you'll find the world of A'therys, with a lot of knowledge and a few secrets. Later today, once I've added the page won by our top donator @Sellt, I'll have 160 pages up there for you. That's significantly more than before, particularly since I culled a lot of pages before adding new. Now, since we're talking about what's better about this new implementation, let's break it down: Better Categories! You all care about your nations most, so navigation is primarily centered around them. Better Navigation! So much easier to use, just click the page you care about in standard drill-down menu fashion. Better Mobile! Yep, the thing auto-formats to smaller screens, just like the site. Try it on your phone, it's a really nice experience. Official Cities! I've had people asking me about this one for literal years. I'm sure you care more about your own towns, but here these are. Site Integration! My personal favorite, the whole thing is displayed without you ever leaving the website. Looks nice, plays nice, no mess. I'm sure there's more but those five things are what spring to mind at the moment. To go see it for yourself, you can either click the big "A'therian Archives" menu button up there, or you can hover over it then click the "Official Lore" button that pops up, either one works. I hope you enjoy! -OA

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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