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    An Update From Your Loremaster

    By OccidentalAnvil,
    Hey there everyone! OccidentalAnvil here, maybe a fresh face for some of you newcomers, welcome by the way! Been awhile since I've shown up in the News section; last time was probably over a year ago with the Summer Rime. Well, I figured that's been long enough, particularly with the whole "check back soon" emblem spinning on in the Official Lore part of our lovely new site. I wanted to come tell you guys what's been going on in my neck of the woods in brief, then get to the actual news so I'm not off-topic. So let's have a chat, shall we? A little over a week ago, I managed to trick one of the world's top engineering schools into giving me a bachelor's degree. It was a long con, some five years, but it was worth it I'd say. Regardless, as you might imagine, with the server launching on the eve of my final exams (how we manage to do that every damn time, 3 for 3, I will never know) and my subsequent graduation, I've had significantly less time to write than I really planned. And boy, do I have plans, but we'll get to those in a minute. Anyway, I know it's a pain to play on a server that advertises heavy RP, and to try to write your own works in line with that, without having any of the official material! Trust me, it's painful and embarrassing from my perspective, especially when I had it all up on the old site. But a few months before EVO launched, I started a new project, which I've been referring to as Project Triple-A internally. You don't need to worry about that so much, other than what it means for the near term: I did not want to just release the same-old drivel from the wiki. Most of it was hopelessly ancient, just not the quality or the content I wanted you to have, and some of it was flat out wrong. It was written forever ago, and updated little by little, but with Project Triple-A I needed to tear the band-aid off. To rewrite everything, to bring the content in line with what A'therys really is now. And so that's where I am. I'm not going to put anything on this awesome new site that isn't A'therys, the real A'therys. Obviously I will continue to tweak and adjust, but when I tell you that an awful lot has been changed and solidified, I mean it. I want to make sure that what gets posted in the Official section now will see minimal changes in the future. So I can't lie to you anymore, or keep things from you. And I damn well can't sugar-coat it so it fits all pretty with Minecraft; that's up to you guys as RPers, to take what you want and do with it as you will. A'therys has guns and swords, electricity and magic, men and gods. This may all seem scary, just writing that kinda freaked me out a little, but bear with me. Take a look when it comes down the line. I think you'll recognize A'therys immediately, just with a much more cohesive theme. Anyway, the news. I don't want to drop all that heavy stuff on you with a wave of my hand and just disappear. First, dates: do not expect anything before the New Year, to be sure, but I'm gonna be booking it thereafter to get you your content ASAP. I am pushing for 36 pages, 6 for each nation; those needed the biggest expansion and rewrite, and I figure that content is the most important stuff to you guys right now. A lot of the content after that can actually be just updated from before, so after the first set of a paltry 36 drops the old-new stuff will hit the site reasonably fast. Way faster than my slow ass is going now. I want to say the end of January, but I also don't want to say something I'll miss; I ALSO don't want to take that long, it'd be crazy. So just pretend I said nothing and wait for more words, sound good? Good. Now, I want to show you what all this means in actual terms. It's one thing to say "lots of new, new content!" and go silent for a month. So, here. So that above is the old wiki content for the "Aloreh" page. It had a super sparing history, basic geography, some societal musings, and that was about it. I took out the headings to make it easier to see, there wasn't really much. Now, look below. Now, each nation is a category. The category will hold a page on History (which is longer than the old page was as a whole, you can see it there in the top right four images), Geography, Culture, Theology, Technology, and Government. Every page you see above was expanded to fit my current perception of Aloreh, the exact same coverage as the old page, just up to date. I hope now you'll see what I'm going for, and why it's taking so long. That doesn't excuse it, but it should give you an idea of where we're headed. I hope you'll join me in being excited for the coming content. Anvil out. -OA

    Town of the Month | Update

    By Roselis,
    Hey guys! So I wanna give you all a quick update as to what's happening with Town of the Month! So the official first TotM will be in the new year! This is so we can give towns the opportunity to build up more and also because the server hasn't been up for that long, we can't really tell "good" towns from "bad" towns. With that being said, we've got some new and cool stuff planned out for the winners! Here's what's new to expect: - We will have Town of the Month and Community of the Month winners. TotM winners are those who's towns exhibit all aspects we look for in an outstanding town, including: positive community involvement, outwardly helpfulness, great leadership and great builds. CotM winners are those who may not necessarily have good builds but have an undeniably amazing community of players, whether they're a great starting town for newcomers or just outwardly helpful and friendly to the community! - There is a possibility for having both a CotM and TofM in one month; likewise there could be either just a CotM or a TofM winner. (Will not have a pattern, just be dependant on nominations that month) - If there is both a Community of the Month and a Town of the Month, there will be one post featuring first the CotM, then the TotM below. - There will be a winner every 1st of the month (CotM only for Jan. 1st; the first TotM winner will be announced on Feb. 1st, if applicable - this gives you guys more time to build!) - Prizes will be as such: Town of the Month Winners: Will have host a celebration event sometime during the month, with gifts and such to be handed out. (Time chosen to best suit mayor and residents) Awarded an in-game "Town of the Month" Trophy  to display in their town, made by a build team member (To be confirmed by @Edd) Town Recruitment post and/or Town Community Lore post will be featured for the duration of the month. (if applicable) TotM post will feature numerous screenshots to show off the builds, detailed information on the towns aspirations, goals, ect. from Mayor/residents and positive feedback given from community/staff members.   Community of the Month Winners: Award an in-game "Community of the Month" Trophy, similar to the above (also needs confirmation) Town Recruitment post and/or Town Community Lore post will be featured for the duration of the month. (if applicable) CotM post will feature a couple screenshots (if desired by Mayor), detailed information on the towns aspirations, goals, ect. from Mayor/residents and positive feedback given from community/staff members.   I hope you all like the new additions/changes to this feature! Leave some feedback, comments or concerns below if you'd like!   Edit: I'd also like to say that there is the possibility of a town winning CotM and TotM (not at once of course) over time, as new towns can pop up, have a really great community, then later down the road, still have a great community but also a beautiful town.

    Staff Update.

    By Edd,
    Bringing our current staff into our new staff structure has made a step in the right direction!
    Congrats to Aston and Speedy, both who have been promoted to admin to fill two more department head positions, Economy and Events. This now puts us with positions filled for:   PVP - Pumpapa PVE - Onyx Economy - Aston Events - Speedy

    -------------------------- Other Things --------------------------   Moderator Applications are up: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-apply-for-moderator/   Community Manager: There will be more information about the role after the christmas period.   Current Staff Team: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/staff/
    Staff Structure: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/198-atherys-staff-st

    The A'therys Store

    By Edd,
    The A’therys Store is now available for those who want it. Exp, pets, mounts, commands and extra bag space are currently available with two town options and additional plot options coming soon. We will also be adding new items to the store in the next week or so.   All purchase are put through automatically from the store, so no need to make a ticket.

    The New Map With Markers.

    By Edd,
    Ok so here we go, a map of our new world with markers for capitals and guilds on it. Couple of Notes: While we know the area the stuff should go, it wont be absolutely spot on but as close as possible. The map you are seeing is the export form world painter so colouring of landmass with biomes is how it is in MC. Spawn is not in this world, it will be its own little instance. Assassin’s guild has not been marked for obvious reasons. The locations of stuff is not up for debate. While you are free to plan where you will be, fights over land is not acceptable, it will be first come first serve with re-placing towns, you are not entitled to the exact bit of land you want and trust me there is so much to see around the map, so many amazing features that you will change you mind a million times anyway.  

    A'therys Staff Structure

    By Nathan,
    Hey all,   The new staff structure post is out. You can see it here: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/198-atherys-staff-structure/   Revamp Design: This is our revamp of our Staff Team for A'therys. Hopefully allowing for Evo to be a much more streamlined experience for you all and taking some of the load off the staff members that dedicate a lot of time to A'therys. More will be added to the post over time as we get Staff into the positions and help divide the workload.  As you see with the new server there will be a few mechanical changes in order to help staff spend more time interacting with the community as appose to answering tickets ect. There will be posts on server mechanics later this week so there will be more information then.   Tonight Vorske & I will be answering questions relating to this in the Vorske Chat (9pm GMT). Any further questions please make a post and we will get back to you. Thanks, Gazamo Management    

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