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    ...an original minecraft fantasy roleplay featuring staff and player driven storylines, immersive lore, and an engaging community. If you are new to our site, we recommend that you join our discord. For important updates and information about events, and other community topics, visit our forums.  To check out our open source plugins for the new era of A'therys, go to https://github.com/Atherys 

    Loot Caches

    By Barnie,
    So, after working for the past week,  Loot Caches are upon us.   Easy to use for you guys.  Right click one of these puppys   Once right clicked,  youll be given this menu   Then, choose what you want.   Armor, Blocks or Tools.  That's it.     Oh,

    Top Donator January 2016 Results.

    By Edd,
    SengySama Congratz to you. Please PM me and we can arrange your Ships / Airships / Balloons prize, what you want and where its going.  

    A decision and plan on player nation heads.

    By Edd,
    Ok so we have players as Helpers, that’s a good start on the road to recovery, now for the whole player nation head thing.   Given this a lot of thought, had a lot of input. Here is ultimately what needs to be achieved with the process:   A process that doesn’t take to long or a lot of manual effort. A process and outcome that makes the mos

    TotM | Valzanttar | February

    By Roselis,
    It's the 1st of the month and to kick it off, I'd like to announce that our first winner of Town of the Month in the Overall category is.. Valzanttar! I'd like to give a great big shout out to @Chronus Blazebringer and all the lovely people of Valzanttar for their great work within the community and town! Valzanttar has not only been lending out a helping hand for their new players and been a driving force in keeping RP well and alive in their nation, but showcases their beau

    Few Store Additions

    By Edd,
    4 Titles - Dark Lord Darth Blood Lord Emperor Young Wolf Peacekeeper Anarchist Stormcaller Freylord The Reaper Harvester of Souls   Exp bundle

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