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Itheri Nation Head Inauguration and Valediction


Inauguration and Valediction

As a new nation head has been chosen from among the ranks of Itheri, so too has the reigning admiral's time come to an end. This event will be a homage to @Dannie's dutiful service to his nation, as well as a celebration of @ultravioletpixie as she steps into her monumental role. Food and cheer are bound to flow freely throughout this event, as we honor two friends and outstanding members of the A'therys community. But the fun doesn't end there...just wait to see what comes after the event! (Bring your weapon of choice!)


  • All members of the community are welcome--not just Itheri!
  • Event will take place at 2 PM ATZ
  • Location: Palace of the Twin Gods, Calastore, Ithero
    • There will be an /event join option, when the time comes


*Image was made on https://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers

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3 hours ago, GodOfGales said:

The Pithkeeper and a select entourage with him will do all he possibly can to attend this revolutionary inauguration unto Ithero. 

Can't take you seriously with that profile picture xD

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Just now, Captain Sjielt said:

Can't take you seriously with that profile picture xD

Btw now would be a good time to announce I would like all able members of Zaris to be in attendance of this please and thank you <3 :)

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