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  • Kilnholdt has long struggled with itself. Warlords rise and fall, lunging and tearing at her people like jackals. As the nations of Gled Aex march into the Shattered Lands, intent on claiming Eztalpaltl's secrets for themselves, their armies ravage Agavres' conquest, the Rippling Walls failing with each passing invasion. Looking back over their shoulders at the pursuing invaders, they find themselves running into the waiting arms of government, religion, or family. The first seeks undying loyalty to a false cause, the second demands absolute control from blind faith, and the last sits defenseless against all these forces of hatred. The people fear the day when the flames of war burn their fields, the blood of “heathen” neighbors soaks their homes, and the screams of their kin echo throughout the darkness. From without and within, Kilnholdt is bleeding. Can anything be done to staunch the wounds inflicted by her own people?

    Luitz Vogt is trying...

    In his prime he was known as the Lone Star, his cloak billowing behind him like a Praetorian’s mane. He dressed in black and silver, his eyes unclouded by the corruption of the beings he swore an oath to destroy. He wielded a musket like he was born with it in his hands, and with his blades, he carved out a legacy saving countless civilians from fates worse than death. From his deeds, The Bloodfeathers were born, and Kilnholdt gained new hope.

    Written in 7C-283, Luitz Vogt's Thesis on Enlightened Justice is a small pamphlet detailing Luitz’s own conclusion that justice and order comes from one's own efforts. Considered a controversial piece to this day, Vogt describes how one can shape a nation through punishment and discipline, and how everyday people succeed where governments fail. A founding piece of literature to the Bloodfeathers, it is often cited as a foundation for their creed.



    Humanity is predisposed to act unjustly. Men can be said to be no greater than the common beasts, succumbing to baser instincts against one another for his own benefit. This is no truer than in Kilnholdt, where men are no longer men, but rampaging beasts. I know the hardships they face. I know there are no rules that desperation will not break. Regardless, a line must be drawn. Either one recognizes their faults and attempts to better themselves, or they continue to wallow in their repugnant and destructive tendencies and must be put down.

    The Faith seeks goodness, but has fallen prey to the bureaucracy and ulterior motives of those who act within it, propping up a demonstrably evil Ruler. There are those who believe they emulate Daidama, with its system of opinion leaders and trusted members of the community to uphold the peace. But Daidama’s systems came to place long after civil wars and injustices had subsided. Ours seek to enact themselves amidst the bloodshed, only to be swept aside in favor of a new rulers’ ambitions and ideals.

    Humans begin life unprincipled, knowing nothing but their tendency towards injustice. From the very beginning, in every generation, children must be educated if they are to have any chance of combating the beast within. As parents, we must provide for them the opportunities to succeed, as well as providing witness to the uncompromising consequences of mindless violence. Through example, everyday people can influence those around us, and create a society in which we collectively understand the objective rights and wrongs.

    Punishment and discipline are the foundations of a civilized society, a fact that our present government refuses to acknowledge. “Officials” corrupt and pollute our nation with their two-faced lies, endless wars, and covetous self-interest. How can the people trust a usurper as their leader, building their societal foundation on immorality and the blood of innocents? The evil within the government is blatant, but no less guilty are those who have the capability of putting down evil, yet do nothing.

    Contrary to intuition, violence can be used for good. Punishment and discipline do not create violence, rather they use violence to create meaning. Those that have done evil will never do evil again if they are put down - permanently. Through our efforts, our enforcement, and our morality, we can slowly bring people to the truth. Chaos does not encourage constructive competition and innovation; rather, it brings us all down together. This “conflict society” prevents us from joining the international stage as a stable entity, ready to work cooperatively as professionals and equals. Agavres wanted us to unite together and take on the world, not to squabble amongst ourselves for the sake of a mere shadow of power.

    This is my solemn oath to both my country and to myself: I will correct these injustices. I refuse to allow these so-called "leaders" to continue their wrongdoings. Like all rampaging beasts, they must be put down. It is through my hands that I create for my community an understanding of justice and unity. I cannot trust a ruler or government to walk the line of justice without corruption undermining their judgement. I urge all reading this, to look within yourself. Will you continue idly living life while your brothers, your Kilden sisters, your kin suffer at the hands of beasts unworthy to be called human? Will you continue your mindless droll of existence, in a meaningless effort to drown out the cacophony of screaming, agony, and fear? Will you continue to blindly follow the false shepherds that inevitably lead you down the same dark path they tread?

    If you will have none of this, then I beckon you, rise with me. Take up the mantle of responsibility, dedication, and sheer willpower - forge for yourself a just world. Whether by word or action, rouse yourself from your slumber, follow me into the abyss, and if I should become that which must be corrected - spare me no mercy. This world awaits your judgement, and your retribution against the inequities of this false society.

    Your countryman,
    Luitz Vogt
    Toldei, 83 Wind’s Renewal 283


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