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  •  "I've been working on this one for the children. We all know of the madness of Empharos, not much a good story for the creation of the common calendar..."
    - Ennoc "Rivetwhistles" Gyrebolt

    In a time known as the Winnowing, A'therys had but a single day. Vrovona, King of the Sunrise, had decreed it so, for numbers were not his strong suit. Thesse, however, feared losing her youth should the years pass so quickly, and so added a 0 in secret to stall for time. Vrovona, the trusting, simple soul that he is, failed to notice. At the end of 10 days, however, Baphus found that the crops had yet to grow, and Cevolo found that hunting season ended too soon. So they conspired to add yet another 0. When the 100 days had passed, Sav-Synav had just gotten to the good part of his performance, and so another 0 was added that he may continue. Golgorai-Asthas added another 0 still, so that he could work the Daggerlanders ten times as long. Veser and Naios added a 0 too, with Veser providing the disc and Naios providing the hole.

    However, with a year now lasting 100,000 days, Yolu and Dorrod Muth found that men lived far too long, and the Underworld was dwindling; at Dorrod Muth's command, Yolu cut a 0 off the end of the year with her spear. Yolu pitied the newly stranded 0 however, and chose to bring the orphaned piece of nothing into the House of the Dead and care for it as a pet. She fed it and treated it kindly, but ever did it grow, and never could it fill - it was a 0 after all. In time, Dorrod Muth discovered the 0, now huge and ravenous, and banished it from his domain - it is called Shol now, and ever does it long to return to its loving master.

    At this point, Llyrrh grew frustrated with this meddling, and scolded all the gods, forbidding future amendments and preaching the necessity of order - and while she was thus distracted, Astor stole away another 0, for it was the only thing missing from his collection. And thus, A'therys was left with 1,000 days. 

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