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  • With the possible exception of Eztalpaltl, Kilnholdt has more monsters and mythical beasts roaming its war-torn lands than any other civilized nation in A'therys - but the most famous of these beasts are the fire drakes. These flightless, reptilian creatures span from forty to eighty feet in length, with powerful claws and crushing jaws. In addition, their hide is so thick that it turns aside many weapons without effect. Only modern gunpowder and its ballistics have proven to have full effect, a fact that kept Rasgald a formidable power despite Agavres' strength. Myths of the Age of Struggle depict fiery breath, but time has not been kind to their species; rendering such ability rare (occurring only once or twice in a generation). Despite this degeneration, all fire drakes regularly chew off the branches of Kilden Redwoods, processing the tree inside of their stomach for weeks. Utilized by the Kild as a form a gunpowder from deceased drakes, this substance acts as a purifier for the beasts’ internal systems in addition to fueling a fire-breather’s flames.

    They have adapted well to their mountainous home, proving more agile and quick than many humans would believe. Although they are flightless, Fire Drakes are capable of leaping from tall cliffs to ambush interlopers. They are highly territorial, deadly trackers, and can chase their prey for days. Despite their tendency to hunt solitarily, human expanse has led to drakes roosting in packs. This has had an adverse effect on the Kilden gunpowder industry, as modern nests have become death traps; any invasion of territory bringing multiple drakes to an area. Instead, hunters must lure lone drakes beyond territorial borders; a feat that in and of itself is equally as dangerous as raiding a nest, as often such drakes have been driven to desperation.

    While historically mounted by the Ralds, the concept of mastering these beasts has fallen into obscurity, particularly with their fiery breath degrading to a recessive trait. Many modern warlords have tried to tame the creatures, and save for a very rare case, all have failed. Lord Reinhard Farnnstoln, a Faustfolk warlord in 7C-120 was the only notable exception to a lengthy history of dismal experiments. A foolish man who slaughtered an entire nest of the beasts, Farnnstoln had managed to secure a large collection of eggs. Nearly all of the offspring died within the first week, apart from a single runt of the nest. Growing only up to a fraction of the size of normal drakes, Lord Farnnstoln and his hatchling were killed in the Easterly War of 7C-127.


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