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  • Enduring the harshest winters of Vrovona, this species of giant boar roams the frozen countryside. Named galti by the Vrovonic people, these boar are found in all regions: from the warmer southern coasts of Jharov to the freezing northern wastes of Bravnikh. Depending on the native climate, galti have developed varying traits; their fur coats are much thicker in the north compared to those in the south. The boar grows to an average of one-and-a-half meters tall at the shoulders, about the size of a pony, making them just large enough to be ridden as a mount. Long tusks protrude from either sides of the mouth, which they use to dig up snow and dirt to find food. They are primarily herbivores, surviving on roots and whatever plants break through the icy surface, but also eat insects and small animals when they find the chance. At the age of two they are considered mature; with an average lifespan of seven to nine years. Galti rarely grow large enough to ride in the north, however, due to the lack of plants to sustain them.

    Their docile nature and hardy bodies make excellent and easily tamed mounts, and this has made galti a primary form of transportation for the Vrovonic people. Some clans choose to ride galti into battle, adorning the animals with barding or plated armor that allows them to plow through enemies without injury. The Imperial Host has a division dedicated to them, where they’ve perfected the art of mounted combat. Vrovonics value the boars highly, and rarely trade them to outsiders. Wild galti travel in female dominated herds of twenty to thirty. Males tend to be shunned and are left to roam by themselves for the majority of the year until they are welcomed back, briefly, to mate. Mating occurs between Stormshift and Reckoning; and it is at this time that males will exacerbate one another to the point of fighting, often injuring themselves permanently in the process. Depending on the age of the female, gestation periods can vary from 100 to 150 days, and yields one to three galtlets.


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