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  • The Ghy'takh is a crustacean creature common to Hyan-Dar, in western Dalkun-Tir. Often bred and sold to carry bulk cargo for a caravan, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Beneath their hardened shells, all Ghy'takh have a red-toned carapace, thick bronzed legs with claws, and bulging humped backs which seat their shell.

    A Ghy'takh will often live anywhere from fifty to eighty years, molting and growing in size biennially. Utilizing their spiny claws and coarse teeth to hollow out boulders into a mold which rests upon their back until a carapace hardens within it. This process generally takes a month, and it as it this point in it's growth cycle that the caravaniers will modify the mold to their purposes. With hooks and files, they sand flat places on top to ride, nooks fitted to slot chests, and hooks suited to attach and haul wagons. Hardy Ghy'takh will be fed well to maintain their strength, and are considered expensive mounts in Dalkun-Tir.

    While domesticated Ghy'takh appear in a wide array of shell patterns, wild ones appear as lumps in the distance, barely distinguishable from boulders when pulled into their shells. Although their strong claws can easily crush and dig into rocks, they are normally docile, thriving by delving into rock-scrubs such as Singebark, Old Man o' the Wastes, and Wanderer's Parchment.

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