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  • The deserts of Ar-Selukk are harsh and unforgiving, devoid of any life that cannot withstand the barren wastes. The few creatures capable of surviving are usually as savage as the landscape itself. However, those that can survive do thrive. One such breed is the kajrohim, a reptilian species of enormous size and unsettling intelligence. They are frequently used by tribesmen as mounts and working animals, but only ever of their own accord.

    The kajrohim are quadrupedal lizards, capable of moving quick and low across the Selukkite landscape. Their scales are varying shades of brown, roughly the same color as their desert surroundings. They are oviparous, with clutches usually consisting of between one and four eggs. The lizards use their strong front legs to dig beneath the sands, where they lay belly up during the cooler hours of the day to keep warm. This is also the way they capture prey - though fast, they typically cannot outrun the smaller mammals of the desert and instead capture them from beneath the dunes. Young ones are small enough to be held in arms, but they grow incredibly quickly with a proper diet, and provided they have sufficient nutrients to support themselves there seems to be no upper limit to their growth. The largest specimen ever found was killed in its non-native eastern savannas, a twenty foot long beast caught in the act of stealing livestock. 

    Most from outside Ar-Selukk would assume the reptiles to be unintelligent, but this is not so. Kajrohim are some of the most intelligent beasts in A'therys, capable of understanding limited human speech as well as complex intent. The social structure of the kajrohim is matriarchal, with the eldest female dictating most of the actions of the group. When food is scarce, groups often align with local human tribes to mutually benefit one another - in exchange for food, the tribes get powerful battle mounts and companions for raiding and fighting back their enemies. In modern times, kajrohim breeders can be found in the outskirts of Qhul Rahav and a'Ravhar, their stock usually sold as guardians to the elite or entered in races for sport. These compounds are run both by the human owners and the kajrohim matriarch - the lizard seems to understand the deal she's struck for the survival of her group, as no sale occurs without her "approval." 

    One final point of interest is their religious significance among the devout followers of Sav-Synav. Of all the beasts in Ar-Selukk, considering specifically that there are none of the typical avian species, the kajrohim are considered to be unique in their apparent love of music. Wild groups will often gather at the edge of travelers' camps as night falls, simply appearing to listen to their songs and instruments. More peculiar still is the lizards' generation of their own music - the kajrohim as a species have especially long front middle claws, which they tap in tune on rocks as the sun sets. Some speculate that this is an identifying ritual, as each group has their own unique percussive melody and no lizard has been observed to "play" alone. Individuals who lose the claw through battle or otherwise are often shunned from their group until it regrows.

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