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  • A large, lumbering mass of fur and feathers, knabis roam the swamps of Eztalpaltl and are among the more passive of the Eztalpaltli exotic creatures. Knabis are bipedal, stout mammals weighing between five-hundred and twelve-hundred pounds at adulthood and standing up to ten feet on their hind legs. It has two eyes, set in an ovular head comprising of a triad of mandibles and no visible ears. Although its limbs are long in proportion to its body, they are also very thick and bowed when the creature is on all fours. A knabis' hide is tough, ranging in color from pale red to dark brown, with four large feathers sprouting from the back of male specimens. These feathers change colors depending on the season; golden yellow in the fall, vibrant greens in the summer, ashen gray in the winter, and azure blues in the spring.

    Knabis are often calm, or even friendly until their mating season arrives. Fiercely competitive among their own kind, males will both rise up to their full height in displays of power. The smaller of the two then immediately drops to its belly in a sign of submission. It the two are close in size, however, they may fight to determine dominance. Knabis mating rituals are almost always violent, often resulting in serious injury to both beasts. As the mating season concludes with spring's end, the female will climb into a tall tree or burrow into the ground. Cub litters can range from only one to up to nine. They reach maturity over the course of two years, during which time they are raised by the mother.

    Surviving on a diet of bottom-feeding fish and small mammals, the knabis utilizing five long, retractable claws to hunt its prey by impaling it and devouring morsels with its three mandibles. In addition to its claws, its sweat and saliva are acidic, and it can shoot a small amount from its mouth at prey. Utilizing this acidic projectile to damage their quarry's eyes and disorient them, knabis are often able to catch prey that would normally outrun them.

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