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  • Krallanfen are nasty, fanged beasts about the size of a large dog, with tough, scaly skin and evil yellow eyes. While specimens can be found as far south as Atvoria, they infest the Rasgald Mountains and have spread to all corners of the Kilden mainland. Gaunt and skeletal, the beast’s bite is mildly poisonous and can cause illness if not treated. A krallan survives on a diet of roots, insects, and fresh carcasses. Choosing to den in damp caverns and morsel-infested tombs, they are difficult to hunt, and their agility can compete even with rabbits across the rocky landscape.

    Krallanfen will run, den, and hunt in a pack that ranges from three or four to several dozen. They attack from ambush if possible, using their numbers to outflank opponents, then run them down. Some bolder packs have even been known to thieve the eggs of fire drakes for food. Krallanfen packs are very territorial and won’t move into a particular area if another pack occupies it. They hoard shiny objects, filching them from the bodies of their victims and collecting them in a common lair - a cave, burrow or hollowed-out tree. Some of the larger packs have amassed a king’s ransom in gold and jewels amidst piles of gleaming junk.

    Though killing a krallan is no easy task, many rural villages take pride in dispatching the beasts. Stuffed krallan heads are common decorations in roadside taverns, and some towns even mount them on their ramparts as a warning to potential foes. The practice of placing stone gargoyles on buildings began in Kilnholdt as a ward against the encroaching beasts. The beast has cemented its place as a local menace and a symbol of dominance in combat.


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