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  • The list of bizarre and frightening creatures native to the dark jungles and caves of Roreg Logh is not inconsiderable, though most are rarely seen. Most of the predatory species that live in and under the nation are exclusively nocturnal, and since the mortal populace of Roreg Logh is wise enough to spend the dark hours (and most others, all things considered) underground, such creatures are rarely seen. Only when adventurers stumble into their caves, or when foreigners are caught unawares at night, do they make themselves known. Such is the case with the pulpyrtho, an unusual and terrifying cat-like species that prowls the river inlets beneath the midnight jungles.

    Pulpyrtho are quadrupedal, and roughly the size of an adult human. As they hunt primarily at night, their senses are highly attuned, their feline features familiar to most who have seen the great cats of Ar-Selukk or even the domesticated housecats so popular in Ithero. What is immediately unfamiliar is the pulpyrtho's lack of hair; the creature instead has smooth skin, slick to the touch and usually damp from the time it spends in the water. As with most nocturnal species that stay away from humans in Roreg Logh, it is difficult to estimate the number of pulpyrtho in the wild. During the day they retire to dark caves near their riverside hunting grounds, preferring those with river runoff on the cavern floor there they can keep their skin moist and healthy in the cool mud. 

    The creature's chosen method of hunting is the source of its name. Pulpyrtho often hunker in the bushes on riverbanks at dusk, waiting for prey to come for an evening drink before returning to the safety of the trees. They have incredibly long front paws, making it appear as though they have two joints in their forearms, and as a result must fold these elongated limbs up to lie in wait. To the Loghec observer, it might appear as though the creature was kneeling or praying, lending it the name "humble panther" in Hauad Logh. In reality the aims of the pulpyrtho are much less serene, as the extra strength in their front toes allows them to jump incredible distances. They then envelop their meal in their frighteningly long claws and consume it in pieces with their short jaws. Death is usually swift for the hapless target, but usually fails to come before the fear. 

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