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  • Eztalpaltl is home to many wonders of alchemy, yet perhaps the greatest and most horrific accomplishment was that of creating false life. Prior to the dragon Teziltuic's creation at the hands of Chuelaiia's alchemy; the goddess' High Alchemists were taught the art of creating alchemical beings, and experimented to form their own lesser denizens. Through trial and error, the alchemists created servile, humanoid beings that could take on a pleasing appearance to a master and cater to his whims. Within a century of their creation, the Quraxotl became a staple of the upper society. 

    The last of the Vrovonic Sagas of Conquest can be dated to the close of the fifth Cycle, singing of their final conquest against the alchemy nation. Rarely performed, for it tells a bloody dirge of defeat, many attribute this period to the creation of the modern Quraxotl. The then-passive servants saw the horrors and chaos of war firsthand and were twisted by it; twisted by the hate and sorrow ringing in the clashing swords. They developed a hunger for it and only cared to hear the screams of women and children. Those who had twisted were quickly slain, yet the Eztalpaltli failed to foresee the warning signs of what was to come. 

    It was the Second Calling that triggered an irreversible catalyst. As the goddess Chuelaiia departed from the world, the society broke into a bloody civil war; not unlike Aloreh's House Wars. The Quarxotl once again witnessed war and bloodshed; twisting forever beyond recovery. It is this that abruptly ended the civil war, uniting the Eztalpaltli under the banner of survival. Though a majority of their number have been exterminated in the central cities, the Quarxotl thrive where men cannot. The swamps below are rumored to contain settlements of the creatures. They are thought to be responsible for several felled cities, such as Etzecelecuia, and will often use their undercrofts as housing.

    Created initially to take on pleasing form, the Quraxotl have some degree of command to their composition. By burying themselves within a substance, they may create a skin of it around themselves. This 'skin', may be formed in a variety of appearances, from simple clothing and facial features, to additional limbs or armor. In their natural state, Quraxotl look like blood-covered, faceless mannequins, and they are most vulnerable in this form. Primarily carnivorous, these intelligent hunters will eat smaller animals when they have to; but are willing to wait for more substantial game closer to their own size. Such a meal will satisfy their hunger for weeks, and for that time they generally become lethargic and non-aggressive. They will, however, stalk other creatures they encounter from a distance, keeping tabs on them for a later meal. 

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