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  • Growing throughout the mysterious Sky Trail of Atvoria, the Skyleaf Tree is a common, stumpy plant. The seeds, which are poisonous, resemble brown eggs except for one unique feature: one side is covered with small claw-like thorns facing upwards. The seed grows inside a dark green, grape-like fruit, which is also poisonous, deterring wild animals that would attack the tree. Once the seed has matured, the fruit around it decays and falls to the ground, while the seed remains bonded to the shrub by a thin yet strong connecting branch. Then, amidst the harsh gusts that streak across the Patschen Mountains, the seed is blown from the tree. As it flies in the wind, the seed will latch to whatever it meets first, be it a passing bird or the base of another island. Upon striking solid ground, the seed begins to grow.

    As the new Skyleaf Tree grows over the course of several decades, it will reach an average  height of five feet. Halfway up the flexible stalk, sharp branches dotted with serrated leaves begin to protrude outwards. As the many branches grow, their width expands outwards to form the tree’s crown. During a short flowering season, pale yellow flowers with three petals each sprout amongst the leaves. Over time, the flowers turn gray and wither away, replaced by several dark green fruits which continue the cycle.

    Due to the Skyleaf seed’s method of traveling a great distance before taking root, the tree has adapted to grow almost anywhere, even in hard stone. Forests of Skyleaf Trees are rare, however; the trees possess immense root systems, which will fill up entire islands, hoarding space and nutrients from other plants. Forming into clusters, they have taken over the entirety of the Sky Trail’s flora ecosystem, in addition to the upper reaches of the Patschen Mountains.

    To the nomads, rangers, and guides that live along the Sky Trail, the Skyleaf Tree is an extremely useful plant. The serrated leaves of the tree are thin and seemingly woven together, allowing them to be utilized for clothes, bandages, and gauzes. The wood of the Skyleaf is not reliable enough to build structures; however, its textured layers favor whittling, allowing many artisans to profit from their skill in layering wooden sculptures. While difficult to cultivate domestically, those who wander the Sky Trail to gather the plants have found a source of wealth, due to its high value among both foreign and domestic markets. Yet among the most valued parts of the Skyleef Tree is the  seeds, which, when prepared correctly, are considered to be an extremely useful remedy for fevers and accelerating the healing process.

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