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  • The dense and unnavigable jungles of Roreg Logh play host to a variety of bizarre and unique creatures. While most are honored and respected by the priesthood in some form or another, perhaps none are so highly valued as the wolrhythen. Roughly translating to "wise wings" in the Hauad, these nocturnal creatures often share space with the Loghec priests in their high mountaintop monasteries.

    Similar in appearance to the omnivorous bats that are native to the forests of Ithero and northern Aloreh, wolrhythen are large winged animals that live primarily on a diet of fruit. They have wingspans of up to two meters, the membranes covered in small hairs that absorb sound and allow them to fly silently through the darkness. They have a facial structure similar to wolves, with a large nose and pointed ears. They primarily use sounds inaudible to humans for traversing the dark caves and jungles of their native homeland, so their eyes are small and recessed in their skull. Black and brown are common colors, though it is apparently not uncommon for pure white specimens to occur. In the wild these pale beasts are at a considerable disadvantage, often falling prey to the pulpyrtho that prowl the nighttime canopy due to their visibility. However, they are considered especially sacred by the Loghec priesthood, and are usually captured when found and kept in captivity. 

    The wolrhythen are so named for their uncanny ability to mimic human speech, as well as a variety of other sounds. Loghec temples are common roosting grounds for the species, which means that they frequently learn to copy the droning chants of the priests within. They most often vocalize as they depart to search for food at sunset, swirling into the sky in large groups. Those unfamiliar with the sound often find this quite frightening, due to the deep monotone voice that all wolrhythen have. This mimic ability has also made the creature an extremely popular pet in Aloreh - in captivity they stay much smaller and their fruit diet makes them easy to keep and tame. They can be trained to say a variety of things, mostly for the amusement of the nobility, though there are plenty of records where a pet wolrythen might overhear and subsequently repeat something that it shouldn't. Loghec law has made the export of the beasts illegal, due specifically to their view that using their "wisdom" for amusement is improper. However, the market for smuggled wolrhythen remains strong in Aloreh, especially when a rare white specimen can be procured. 

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