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  • Llyrrh is the Dragon of Order, and somehow appears to hold total authority over all gods and other Dragons. She is little-known in A'therys; having appeared only once in recorded history, although her power has been felt on three other occasions. Her sole responsibility is the administration of the Mortal Plane, ensuring that the beings who now reside there do not pose a threat to its continued existence.  When compared with the other Dragons known to exist in the world, very little is known about Llyrrh. She seems to be an enigma even among the Dragons themselves; none know from whence she came, and she did not descend to the mortal plane physically until her Second Calling. She is an entity of seemingly perfect neutrality, enforcing Cosmic Order and otherwise residing beyond the understanding of mortals and deities both. Her four demonstrations of power enforce this existence. During her First Calling, she admonished the gods for their wayward destruction and tasked them with the stewardship of A'therys. In her second demonstration, she punished the gods  Mosech-Tan and Orvesu, forever muting the latter from his mortal followers save through a single prophet, and splitting the former into her separate domains to force their reformation. By the time the Fourth Cycle had neared its end, many had again forgotten her existence until she shattered Von the Timekeeper. Her last demonstration, and first physical manifestation into the world, was at the Second Calling, when she turned her gaze to humankind, punishing their destruction of Golgorai-Asthas by leaving them to fend for themselves.

    Llyrrh is a mysterious figure, and none know her true motives, if she even has any. The other Dragons seem ill-tempered towards her, for reasons they have divulged to no mortal. Her decrees seem targeted at enforcing the perpetuity of the Cosmic Mesh and all within, but how she manifests a power beyond even the gods to enforce these decrees is unknown. Some suspect that her ties to her creator, Yeor, are stronger than the innate link the other Dragons have to him, but none could know. What is known is a simple fact about her character: when the laws of order are broken, the otherwise neutral Llyrrh responds immediately and without mercy. When humanity disobeyed one of her rules and destroyed the god Golgorai-Asthas, she descended in a never-before-seen physical form to personally level her punishment upon them. It is speculated that she chose this method, as opposed to merely projecting her announcement without manifestation as during the First Calling, because she wanted the message to be clear to humanity. Unlike the gods, the Dragons must maintain a physical form in the plane to continue their existence, so how she managed to maintain herself in her absence is similarly speculated upon.

    When she did appear, the Dragon of Order appeared as a fair mortal youth, indistinguishable in gender but clear in purpose. She had shock-white hair, framing an equally pale visage. She wore a blindfold, covering her eyes but leaving the rest of her perfectly human face clear so her mouth could be seen as she spoke. She was clad in white garb, draped over her frame without adornment, and she did not touch the ground when she moved. As regally as she held herself, however, her form was severely maimed. A vicious scar could be seen to run beneath the blindfold, jagged in appearance. Her right arm was amputated at the elbow, the injury wrapped in yet more ivory cloth. Her left leg appeared as though it was once broken and had healed without correction. And yet all who looked upon her, male or female, described her as incredibly beautiful, ignoring her deformities. Whether she chose this form out of necessity, the reason hidden in some part of her history, or out of choice, no mortal knows. The observation merely adds to the enigma of the enforcer of Cosmic Order.

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