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  • Shol is the Devourer, Dragon of the Void, and it is his influence that drives the undead. He, along with Yolu and Dorrod Muth, formed a triad referred to as the House of the Dead. Almost every legend which contains his name paints the Dragon as the enemy of every living thing on A'therys. He is a mindless being, writhing in the Void and knowing only his insatiable hunger, but stories suggest that this was not always the case. During the Winnowing, Shol was a powerful and intelligent spirit, the first Dragon created by Yeor and thus the eldest of his kin. But the stories also say that his hunger grew unchecked; it became something he could not control, something he did not want to control. It consumed him, even as he consumed the land. Over the course of the Winnowing, he fell prey to his own existence. Dorrod Muth and Yolu were able to keep him mostly contained in the Void, restrained as much as they were able, but his rampant consumption only increased in urgency and determination. He would often break free of their confines and run rampant on the surface, consuming everything in his path. The land would simply disappear, left empty by his power, but the mortals were the true unlucky ones. Even Dorrod Muth was unable to protect their souls after being devoured by Shol, and they would be lost forever to the Void. Their bodies would walk A'therys as empty, starving husks, touched by his dark hunger. By the time of the First Calling, Shol as he was once known was completely gone, in his place a mindless monster who knew nothing but consumption and destruction.

    There are none in modern times who have seen Shol and lived to explain his appearance, and all records recounting his likeness from his early years have been lost. Therefore, only the tales of his followers, the dark Tooth-Wizards, are able to provide any insight. If they are to be believed, the source of their necromantic powers retains some sort of physical form, but it no longer resembles his original, mighty form. A writhing mass of teeth and grasping hands, his body serves only as a function of his eternal hunger. Wisely, the necromancers of Shol have no interest in communing with him directly, and any who could stand before him would be devoured before they could discern any finer details about him.

    Both Yolu and Dorrod Muth knew that without their constant vigilance, Shol would consume the world and possibly everything beyond. Yolu, ever-caring, was convinced that their combined power could destroy him, or lock him away forever, but to Dorrod Muth it was an unnecessary action unwarranted by Llyrrh. Unlike Yolu, the Patriarch of the House of the Dead did not care for the souls he protected, only that he continued to uphold his penance as tasked during the First Calling. This frustrated Yolu endlessly, but she had no power to convince him. When the Second Calling came to pass, and the gods were relieved of their duties to the mortal plane, Dorrod Muth left without a question or care. Yolu knew that she was the mortals’ only defense against Shol at this point, and so she took up her spear and went to confront him in the Void. Their battle was long and furious, and Yolu was deathly injured during it. She eventually succeeded in pinning Shol with her spear to the boundary between the Void and the mortal plane, utterly and immovably. But the toll on Yolu had been too much, and her powers were drained. Unable to return to the Cosmic Mesh even if she had desired it, she remained with her beloved mortals in A'therys. To this day, Shol remains bound, hopefully restrained for an eternity from savaging A'therys and its mortal population.

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