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  • Zahatmos is the dragon of prophecy. He can see connections, hear resonance, knows how things have been together before; and can surmise how they might one day be. He is primarily known for his relationship with Nalageos, and for his modern-day presence in Atvoria; but he is also the one who taught humanity the magic that would one day be known as the House of Harps. In the early Age of Balance, Nalageos would seek quests - and Zahatmos would create them, slowly tinkering the strings of fate to challenge his friend, unbeknownst to the God of Passion. For Zahatmos, it was considered it a game of competition, the art of weaving intricate and deadly quests for the god to challenge, and every time, Nalageos would complete the quest victoriously.

    Thus things would have continued, had not Zahatmos happened across the strands of a distant prophecy. Seeking to finally see his competitor defeated, Zahatmos greedily read and relayed a prophecy that had yet to mature. From this prophecy, he spun a tale of great destruction, averted only by the wielder of a mighty weapon, which felled all who passed before it. The hero would be accompanied by a Mortal following, and with them victory would be certain. Zahatmos was convinced that Nalageos would be defeated by this impossible quest, but the god had grown too skilled. As the path was walked, the dragon saw new strings appear, which to his practiced eye could only be hidden successes. He feared Nalageos would come to find the weapon, and be destroyed by it, and so he placed his own curses upon the mortal party, hoping to doom The Quest in its entirety.

    But Nalageos was not deterred by this failure, and rather than seeking a new quest; reforming the party only to fail again. Despite this, Zahatmos could not see a true outcome. He had tried to discern the prophecy too early, leapt before all the strings aligned; and in a final act of desperation he stood against Nalageos himself. As the dragon pleaded with his companion, Nalageos slowly recognized the eons of silent manipulation and denounced the wyrm for his crimes. In this, Zahatmos saw the String that bound them resonate, and he saw the villain his own prophecy; a dragon that was to stand before the hero-god; and in this revelation he feared he had become the villain which the hero god must defeat. The God of Passion redoubled his efforts to complete the quest; always trying to assemble the mortal company of prophecy that could finally help him attain the weapon. Zahatmos tried always to stop Nalageos from getting any farther, attempting to find the strands of fate before his godly adversary reached them, and steer his cohorts astray.

    Ultimately though, the prophecy did come to pass. And both of them were there to witness it. But it didn't involve either of them. The strands of fate had only resonated because they were set on a path that would put them there that fateful day. Zahatmos could never have hoped to see that, but in retrospect, how could he not have? Eons before it had even happened, Zahatmos had seen beyond the Second Calling, and to the great battle between Shol and Yolu.

    When Nalageos left at the Second Calling, Zahatmos remained in A'therys. He'd never relinquished himself, and now he felt like he couldn't. Despite appearances, it is quite likely the dragon has descended into his own madness, squatting in the remains of Atvoria, the empire he'd helped create without meaning to; wondering how he'd doomed so many, many humans to such a ridiculous, useless quest.

    At present, Zahatmos appears as a towering five-armed figure, tattooed with many colored runes and figures which shift and distort as he touches the strands of fate. Under the tattoos, his flesh is a mesh of dull silver; patchy and stripped away sections have partially formed along it, through which yellowing bones prod out from the decaying flesh. As with most dragons, whether this is his true appearance or one he has chosen for a purpose is uncertain.

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