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  • The god of strife, of vengeance and retribution, courage and resolve, of blood oaths and poetic justice, Agavres of the Boundless Stride is a spiteful and paranoid deity that once ruled the nation of Kilnholdt. He is known to have constantly fought with the other kingdoms that shared his continent, maintaining few cities in a small state that pioneered gunpowder and riflery. Agavres was incredibly tall and lanky, wearing brilliant silver armor and traditionally carrying a glaive as long as he was tall. His mask was a peaked helmet, adorned with a single red feather and completely obscuring any face that might lie beneath. He led his fierce people into battle on foot even as they rode on horseback, effortlessly keeping pace with the steeds; it is said that Agavres did not walk or run, but simply was wherever he needed to be.

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