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  • Ghaskel-ves is the god of knowledge, deduction, perfection seekers, and the stars. He is the patron of astronomers, librarians, and scholars. Unlike Astor, who seeks and hoards knowledge for his own benefits, Ghaskel-ves openly grants information - yet often grants only part of the answer, forcing those who seek this information to come to their own conclusions. Though he never ruled a nation, he had several dedicated temples in the western hemisphere before his departure at the Second Calling.

    His priesthood, known as the Lanterns of the One-Thousand Flames, was divided into various factional orders, with their own guiding stars which make up the constellations they take as their group symbols. Their belief was that particularly noteworthy Lanterns from certain sects shine bright as new stars in these constellations when they die, while the rest simply fade into the local starfield. Sometimes bright stars stand alone, sometimes they come to be joined by others, and new factions are formed and die in conjunction with this astrological guidance.

    Depictions of Ghaskel-ves place him in the companion of the spirit Morban, sometimes known as the Messenger, or the Red Star. The spirit resembled an enormous frigate bird with a ruby red breast that would glow as he flew about the night sky. His domain is the sharing of knowledge, and he is the only spirit left in existence with a single, original domain; for Ghaskel-ves was so fond of Morban that he never actually conquered his domain, leaving him as a separate entity.

    The two worked best together but separate; and unlike the other orders, the Rubious Lanterns followed not the ever-changing constellations of the Cosmic Mesh, but the red light of Morban himself, who would guide his lanterns in their duties, and always return them home safely.

    When the gods departed A'therys, Morban accompanied Father Ghaskel to the edge of existence, where the two separated. Morban is still visible in the night sky, and many of the Lanterns expect the Red Star to return to them heralding the coming of the gods anew. He waits for Ghaskel-ves to return, hanging in the sky where the gods left the world, so that his light of Knowledge would remain for all the Lanterns below.

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