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  • Sav-Synav the Gilded is the god of inspiration and poetry, and the former ruler of Ar-Selukk. His domains include art, philosophy, language, trickery, and savants. He was sometimes called the Silver Font, referencing him as the source of all genius and inspiration. Sav-Synav commands the power of words and images to move the hearts of men, and the masterful artisans of his nation benefited greatly from his domains across the millennia. His reign was spent in long meditative trances, during which he would compose vast, mystical poetry and song. As with most A'therian deities, Sav-Synav has not always been the god people now remember. In his youth, insofar as gods can be said to possess such a thing, he was a wandering trickster god and a vicious killer who used his cunning for his own ends alone. In acquiring his land of Ar-Selukk, he was the cause of the Anur yav-Qar'ren which brought death to tens of thousands of mortals and utterly destroyed the previously beautiful landscape. With no one powerful enough left to contest his claim, the Silver Font took control of the desert and built his shining capital of Qhul Rahav. There are few who are aware of this trickery, as Sav-Synav has crafted his own tale of the Founders which all in Ar-Selukk believe.

    After many centuries on his throne, Sav-Synav began to mellow just as Dorrod Muth would come to, and art became his primary focus. His legendary writings have been compiled into countless volumes, collectively referred to as The Question of Water. The goddess Thesse was said to be his muse, and indeed the two were romantically involved. But as love is a difficult concept for a god, specifically those two, their relationship was but a form or expression for him. Raviyna av-Kulthanz, the Regent of the modern Ar-Selukk, claims to be descended from Sav-Synav, though this is almost certainly false considering gods cannot procreate.

    A tall and long-limbed figure with ivory skin, Sav-Synav stood over a meter above his mortal subjects. The human form seemed to greatly appeal to the Gilded One's keen artistic sensibilities, thus his chosen shape was exceptionally human in appearance, save for in scale. His mask even revealed what seemed much like a human face beneath it: a gentle chin and delicate, painted lips were exposed, usually curled in a curious grin. The mask itself was beautiful, made of whitest ivory and inlaid with silver and gold. It took the shape of a beautifully-wrought crown, capped with elaborate spires and upon which was affixed a veil of woven silver chain to hide the god's eyes. Apart from this, Sav-Synav went nearly unclothed, as the gods had no need for garments, revealing a lean and lanky frame; an ascetic in form and posture, but carried in the dignity of a king. He was garbed only in a flowing robe wrapped around his waist, its silken folds vibrant against his ivory complexion. The robe was woven with depictions of heroes and beasts, lovers and thieves, all parts of a grand tapestry of tales so vivid their simple shapes seem nearly to spring to life in the viewer's mind.

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