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  • Yolu is the goddess of the dead and dying, and former guide to the Underworld. Her domains include spirits, mourning, guidance, healing, mercy, and the celebration of life. Yolu, along with Dorrod Muth and Shol, formed a triad called the House of the Dead. She is sometimes called the Weeping God. Yolu acts as a psychopomp on A'therys, and would guide and protect the spirits of the recently deceased along their journey to the Underworld. She holds a deep love of mortal-kind, and mourns that she can only assist them after death.

    Yolu began as a lowly spirit of the Underworld, a servant of Dorrod Muth. She guided mortals to their final resting place upon their death, protecting them from the dangers that lay along the path. How she achieved godhood is uncertain, though more than likely Dorrod Muth was forced to give her part of his portfolio to strengthen her as Shol began to lose control of his hunger. Many souls were lost to him in those early days, and it is for this reason that Yolu, more than any other god, abhors the existence of Shol. Her followers are expected to mercilessly hunt down and destroy the undead, wiping A'therys clean of the reanimated husks of what was once life. Yolu's teachings are carried in a book of poetry called The Veil of Sleep, a tome she herself wrote long ago.

    A common tale among her priesthood is that of her love affair with a mortal man. He was a paladin of her order, slaying thousands of undead in her name. For centuries she protected him from True Death, constructing a garden to which she would take him when he succumbed to battle or age. He would recover there, and then be returned to the mortal plane to fight another day. In this way she would watch over him, continuing the cycle whenever he fell. However, during one of the many great conflicts during the early days of A'therys, so many were the dead and dying that Yolu had to turn her gaze from her beloved. In just that moment, he was struck down, lost to her forever. She solemnly did her duty, guiding him one final time to the Underworld and True Death. In her sadness she pledged to help all mortal adventurers in the way she helped her beloved, ensuring that their death only comes when it is truly time.

    Yolu generally only appears to the dead and dying, so the best description of her comes only from the understanding of her priesthood. Her physical form is apparently that of a young woman begun to age, though her form is utterly covered in garment so apparent age is difficult to prove. She wears the long black shroud of one who was to be buried, simple but elegant on her frame. It falls to the ground, obscuring what would be her feet, and even her hands are covered by black gloves. The shroud culminates in a peaked hood which encircles her mask, a beautiful affair carved apparently from stone with gold and silver inlay. It offers the visage of a beautiful woman, with tears streaming down her face even as she smiles.

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