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  • “The land will one day face an evil so great that it can be averted only by the wielder of a mighty weapon which fells all who pass before it. The hero that takes up this weapon would be accompanied by a Mortal following, and with this Company, their victory will be certain. “
    - Zahatmos

    When Zahatmos had first heard the resonance of the Zenith Harpstring in his dream so many years ago, he had assumed the identity of the hero in the prophesied battle would be Nalageos. Believing his rival to be necessary for the destiny to complete itself, Zahatmos had chosen to delay its ending by introducing a false prophecy, a mere roadblock in what was to come. By the dragon's logic, so long as Nalageos looked for the mythical weapon, the battle could not happen. Any tampering with the strings of Atvoria's fate could be undone once Nalageos accepted defeat; all would be resolved. With every formation of the Company that departed, Zahatmos twisted more and more strands of fate towards failure; the people, the land, even those of Nalageos. Unfortunately, the hero at the end of the Zenith Harpstring had not been Nalageos, and the battle took place without him. Yolu picked up her spear after the Second Calling to do battle with Shol for the sake of humanity. When the Zenith Harpstring - to which the fates of Atvoria were intertwined - disappeared, the connected ones suddenly snapped and tore apart. Desperately, the strands sought to realign themselves - but could not attach normally after millennia of manipulation.

    Trying doubly hard to weave themselves whole, the strands of fate shunted Zahatmos aside, leaving him grasping at nothing despite his intentions to undo the damage. Atvoria’s fate; the essence of events, emotional and physical connections, and difference between fact and fiction were brought back together warped and rotting, the essence of the nation forever changed. The land was no longer able to differentiate between reality and superstition - stories began to take on the trappings of the human condition. Whether the story had simply been heard as musings in a tavern, a dream that escaped from the mind of a child, or a mortal who had gained too much fame, fables became truth. These rogue story elements became known as kiinfolk, but the fate of Atvoria had more surprises for its people.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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