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  • Never has A'therys seen a longer mortal war than the Sundering of the Eclipse. Fought between Vrovona and Ithero for almost four centuries, only the godly battles of the Winnowing could be described as greater. Fought over some perceived insult by the Twingods to Vrovona, it spanned all continents and oceans of A'therys and affected every fledgling nation. The result, however, was the great alliance between Vrovona and Ithero, which stood against the world for millennia until the War of Eventide in the uncertain seventh Cycle tore it apart.

    Very early in recorded history, Ithero and Vrovona were just beginning to come into their own as nations of might. The newly created countries were bonding together under their gods and their flags, and each was suspiciously watching the other. Ithero saw no immediate threat from the land-based armies of Vrovona, and Vrovona deemed their mastery of the oceans trivial on the scale of war. However, not all was as tactical between the gods themselves. Small battles would frequently rage, fought over the wounded pride of one god or the other, but such was the way of the two greatest powers in A'therys.

    This status quo could not last, however. Circa 1C-560, the Twingods' words finally cut too deep, and Vrovona's attention was drawn squarely to them. He challenged Veser and Naios both to combat, and they rose into the sky above A'therys to duel. Each god's armies followed them to war, spreading the battle over the whole of the mortal plane. Vrovona's armies fought on every surface of the land, while the tacticians of Ithero bombarded their enemies from the seas. It was the greatest mortal war A'therys has ever seen, dwarfing even the battle at Monas Roth preceding the Second Calling. With neither side holding any true ending objective save to destroy the enemy, the battles raged for nearly four centuries.

    After hundreds of years of conflict, the mortals of both sides grew tired. Even the proud citizens of Vrovona had become bored of the repetition. Fewer battles were fought, and those that were became almost like clockwork. Each side simply went through the motions of war. All the while, the fight above between Vrovona and the Twingods had never subsided. Each fought just as ferociously as upon the first day, but a stalemate was beginning to show there, too. Vrovona was stronger, but also less precise, and the quick duo of Veser and Naios easily dodged his blows. Vrovona's armor was too strong to fail beneath their consistent but weaker strikes. But neither side would be the one to admit defeat, above or below, and so the war continued still.

    By 2C-300, Aloreh had grown tired of balancing their alliances between the two warring nations. Thesse convinced her Court that intervention was a necessity, and ordered contingents of diplomats to both foreign capitals in an attempt to broker peace. She herself departed to where the other gods were fighting, and spoke with them; through her skillful mediation, each of the deities in turn was able to find something to respect in their adversary. To the delight of the Itheri and Vrovonic armies both, their patrons returned to them on A'therys and called for an end to the battle, announcing instead that a bond of appreciation had grown between them. The war had ended, old wounds forgotten, and an alliance was forged that lasted for the remaining millennia until well after the Second Calling.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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