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  • A'therys has existed, according to the best representations of myth through the current mathematical calendar, for roughly 4600 years. Naturally this does not include the unrecorded time of legend between the plane's creation and the recording of the first Cycle. This page will attempt to explain each of the eras that A’therys has seen in that time, and some notable occurrences from those times.

    The Winnowing

    Long ago, the gods existed as ephemeral spirits of their portfolios. In this time, the gods were all a part of the same mesh of existence, inseparable in the creation of things. The gods grew restless in this metaphysical existence, however, and their struggling opened a wide enough pocket in the mesh for a plane of existence to form. The first god to descend was Yeor, the "oldest" and most powerful of the gods, who is generally credited by mortals with the shaping of all existence and the creation of humankind. The precise duration of the age is unknowable, and largely irrelevant, as the gods came into the world at different times across the age.

    Before the creation of A'therys, the gods took physical forms with which they could interact with each other and the many worlds of Creation. Yeor was most immediately followed by the other powerful gods, who would eventually rule nations of their own, before the spirits and lesser gods came. During this time of even greater chaos, hundreds of those unknown lesser gods were elevated from spirithood and destroyed or assimilated. The gods themselves modified and destroyed endlessly, creating armies of disfigured creatures to do their bidding and wage endless wars in their name. This destructive period of history consumed many worlds. At what seemed like the final hour of the nascent universe, about to be rocked apart by immortal beings using it as their plaything, the Dragon of Order, Llyrrh, appeared from whence the rest of the gods had come.

    The First Calling

    It is here that Llyrrh first calls upon the gods, telling them that they must pay for their crimes against Order and dispersing the sole lesser god who opposes her. None could comprehend her presence at the time, or had known her to exist before, but defiance was not an option most of the gods considered after a demonstration of her power.

    Age of Struggle

    After the First Calling, the gods who came to A'therys divided themselves across the new world. Some chose to enforce their portfolios by themselves, or amongst other gods; the most well-known of today created nations of followers to further themselves. The mortals who followed them, or arrived on their own, were assimilated into the gods’ nascent cultures. Scholars from varying nations generally agree that independent mortal-ruled nation states were all but removed by the third Cycle's conclusion, though some sprang up again in time.

    The Age of Balance

    The Age of Balance marks the period of history when humanity was fully subjugated under the gods with the fall of the final mortal-ruled nation state. There was but a single recorded incidence of Llyrrh’s presence in this time, around when the empire of Von the Timekeeper is said to have disappeared in 4C-850. Otherwise, this age continued without change, and undoubtedly would have if not for the advent of the Mortal Heroes.

    The Second Calling

    At a time scholars place around 4300 years after the First Calling, a group of mortals began plotting the destruction of Golgorai-Asthas, the Tyrant-God of Rust. Their actions against him immediately resulted in the Second Calling of Llyrrh, this time to relieve the gods of their duties and to punish the humans themselves.

    The Age of Uncertainty

    In the aftermath of the Second Calling, each nation took the departure of their god very differently. Some, such as Vrovona, had a line of succession already established, and barely a day was wasted before the Paragon stepped into his agreed role. Others, however, such as Aloreh, were thrown into chaos that lasted for decades. Soon enough, however, the nations came to some level of stability in the absence of their gods, and today an age of relative security has fallen over A’therys. Approximately fifty years after the Second Calling, the Daggerlander Calendar was adopted globally by the Merchant's Guild, to keep an accurate and universal dating system for the new, unified A’therys. This new calendar system has been in place for over two centuries now.

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