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  • “I’ve gotten a lot of questions about forbidden spells, and that’s understandable. I know how things work with you young people. Once something is forbidden, you want to know all about it. I’ve caught enough of you skulking about in the tomes of the library. I’d like to impress that these spells are forbidden by the Mage’s Guild strictly to protect you. You will learn what these spells are and how they work so you can recognize them and defend against them, but that doesn’t mean you should try them out. I was a young man once, a student just like you, and I haven’t forgotten. We used to sneak into the mountains at night and practice magic on each other. All those torture spells are horrible, but they also give you a rush… But it wasn’t all good. If you cast a forbidden spell, you might end up doing something you will live to regret…”
    - Davian Gracecaryn, Arcane Archivist at Cyridon Spire, c. 7C-247.

    Called "Tooth-Magic" in common parlance, with its practitioners sometimes labelled "Toothwizards," necromancy is the art of returning the dead to some semblance of life. It is most commonly associated with Shol, for it is from him that mages who practice the art siphon their power. Unlike artificing, necromancy is not outright banned from the Mages' Guild, but it is only allowed to be carefully researched by higher-level faculty; and even this is limited purely to its study, never its casting. The effects of Tooth-Magic are not limited to undeath, the most recent reminder of this being the destruction of the original Arcane College campus.

    The art of necromancy has its origins in the worship of the dragon Shol, during the Winnowing millennia ago. During that time, Shol was a powerful and intelligent being, the greatest of all dragons. However as dragons warred against the gods, something corrupted him, turning him ravenous with hunger. It was soon thereafter that some magic users began exploiting him for their own gain. Across the years, rituals were perfected that sapped part of Shol's immense power, typically fueled by the offering of living souls which Shol so hungers for. In his current state of mind, the dragon cannot comprehend such "transactions," as the ability to think and reason was lost to him long before the practice began, but the Toothwizards need have no interest in this lack of agreement. Most such mages keep to themselves, practicing their craft in the dark places of the world, but one in specific is quite well-known to A'therys. Known only by his craft, The Necromancer was one of the Mortal Heroes that destroyed the Tyrant-God Golgorai-Asthas, though much like the other Heroes he has not been heard from since.

    The concept of necromancy is generally straightforward. Through dark ritual, a mage can create a tenuous tether to the place between worlds where Shol remains pinned, siphoning some of his power for their own use. Unlike the channeling of the House of Candles, this act does not require a nearby locus, instead touching the edge of the planar barrier to commune briefly with Shol. This rather one-sided trade is upheld as the necromancer sends souls to the Mouth of the Void, using their newfound powers to control the shambling husks left behind in the process. This is the most common occurrence, and most necromancers only progress this far in the art. However, more powerful necromancers can gain the ability to summon undead, to command as they see fit. Even more advanced practitioners even have the ability to bind the soul of a living being back into its body after death, preventing it from being sent to Shol as usually occurs. Unfortunately, most aspiring necromancers never make it this far, losing themselves to the Void somewhere along the line. The magic they siphon is incredibly corrosive to the mortal frame, and over time it will produce the very noticeable physical effect of necrosis. Either through this corrosion eating away their body and soul, or Shol himself consuming them, the necromancer’s body and soul eventually cease to exist. The few toothwizards that do manage to keep their souls intact eventually come to resemble the mindless undead they control.


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