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  • After the Second Calling, a new global currency came into use. Called Yora, in honor of the creator-god Yeor, these gold coins serve A'therys as a common means of trade and commerce in place of ancient currencies or simple barter. Its spread has created a practical world economy of which merchants during the Age of Balance could only have dreamed. Though created by the Merchants' Guild, the currency has seen adoption across all groups and organizations within A'therys, wiping away the need for any of the national currencies that came before.

    Prior to the Yora's creation in Age of Uncertainty, the world did not have a common currency. This made dealing across A'therys quite difficult, necessitating the use of exchange rates or currency substitutes. Merchants would have to keep track of the valuation of multiple currencies, and ever-changing rates of transfer made it difficult for the uneducated to deal in foreign markets without costly assistance. All of these factors were seen as a major inhibitor to a free economy, as well as a serious damper on their own business practices. It was the Merchants' Guild that chose to rectify this situation in 7C-91. Taking a sizable portion of its own gold reserves and melting it down, they cast the metal into coins and flooded them into the market in an attempt to spread the coins as currency. After a few false starts and significant investment the governments of the world were convinced to officially recognize the new currency as standard. Counterfeiting was of no more concern with the new denomination than it had been with the various currencies before it, and having one consistent currency A'therys-over had a usefulness most businessmen could immediately see. The lack of smaller and larger denominations of coins ensured that has the market rises and falls, the valuation of these coins remain relatively stable, if not constant.

    The sole nation that has seen difficulty in implementing the Yora as a currency is Vrovona. For millennia, the keeping of gold had been explicitly limited to the Imperial Host and Vrovona himself. Any material good that was necessary to the people's survival was shared among the clan, and anything more was bartered for with other items. This ancient stigma against the usage of gold (and currency in general) was eased slightly when Paragon Davorin Zhuvosk issued a decree expressly allowing the use of Yora, so long as the other codes were still upheld. Even now, however, the stigma still affects much of the nation, with many clans outright refusing the use the coin. It can be seen in ready use within the capital and Port Roslund, the most modern regions in Vrovona; as well as within the western port of Kolverat, but in most other places the citizens will not accept it.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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