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  • “The theologians in the Cult would tell you that the world was wracked by storm, once, but I tell you it has never left. Instead, the people of this earth have learned to face it, to fight when they can and endure when they must. The measure of a man is best taken not when he stands at ease, but when he is battered by those winds. Only then may it be seen how tall he truly is.”
    -Antonine Veles-Moraeos

    Centuries after the departure of Thesse, the Alor people still adhere strongly to the core ideals of her Cult, even if they do not actively practice the religion. The main temple is still tended actively by the priests, even if their numbers are fewer since the schism at the beginning of the House Wars. They also maintain the shrines that dot the high points of the landscape, each typically serving several settlements in the vicinity. Though the government in Aloreh is not beholden to the Cult, the Orator Princes are wise to curry favor with its leadership; the nobility is trusted by the people in matters of state, but the commoners generally have had a more stable relationship with the Cult. No few Noble Houses have been known to seek endorsement by the priesthood, as such deals carry considerable weight even today.

    At its heart, Alor philosophy is about achieving harmony, both with one’s self and as a society. The prevailing image of the world is a raging storm with a peaceful eye centered on the self. One must endure the storm and find the strength to expand that peaceful center, to let it shelter others, to think long-term and build places of safety and community. This notion of order is firmly ingrained in the people, no matter their social standing, and hearkens back to the foundation of the nation itself. A select few were able to bargain with Thesse, to situate themselves at the top even as they were able to lighten the skies and provide shelter to the people below. These centers of calm, places of structure and order, were expanded out and came to overlap one another, and thus the Alor empire was allowed to flourish. This social contract with what would become the Noble Houses keeps people safe: it maintains order, empowers the nation, and holds back the storm. As a whole, the Alor are hard-working, protective of others, and unlikely to complain. One’s specific circumstances are not as important as having and keeping one’s place in society; to cause discord among others is to imbalance the self, and to threaten the careful balance created under the rule of Thesse.

    The Cult of Thesse wields significant power in society, acting both as spiritual leaders and voices of authority. They work to serve and uphold the peace in their communities; priests are not above joining in fieldwork or construction, and in the rare times of strife they have even been known to take up arms. They trust in their goddess’ vision of order implicitly, and work to uphold it both in letter and in spirit. This occasionally puts them in conflict with the interests of the Court of Thesse, an influence which the Orator Princes entertain only when it suits them. The Cult does what it must to shelter the people it serves. If that sometimes entails playing the same game as the Noble Houses, then they are not unwilling to do so. The full extent to which threats and bribery are carried out by one side or the other goes unseen, but it is certainly known to occur. The priesthood tries to be both warm and firm, but when they must choose, firm prevails.

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