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  • The island was originally colonized in 5C-798, and weathered the Second Calling thanks in part to the remote nature of the island on which it sat. The political strife of the Noble Houses at home mercifully stayed away from the small isle, all but forgotten in the mess that was the departure of the gods. All on the island heard Llyrrh's decree, but the true measure of her words did not become apparent until the Alor supply vessel drifted into port over thirty years behind schedule in the third year of the new age. The loss of their goddess Thesse shocked those who disbelieved the strange voice that had echoed across A'therys years previous, and many of the families returned home to Aloreh in shock. Those who remained on the trade colony became rather independent from their home country, keeping regular contact through the many cargo ships that flew through the port but otherwise staying out of the politics of home. Happy they were for this, as some of the Noble Houses would surely have had designs on the island had they remembered its existence; beneath the island lay vast mines overflowing with earthen riches, incalculable wealth for those who would mine it.

    Over the next century, Port Virion retained its status of Alor trade hub and realigned somewhat with its motherland. The ores and gems beneath were slowly mined away, leaving empty mine shafts, twisting and turning through the earth below. The island, having gained in population as miners were sent by the High Mediator to work, began to lose inhabitants once more. Only those few families who had lived there since the outpost's inception remained. Ships rarely arrived at Virion Alesce anymore, and sails travelling away on the horizon were a far more common sight. It was, therefore, something of a shock when a fleet of ships from the West Anvil Trading Company arrived in the harbor in 7C-254. Introduced as Aldric Ironstride, the captain of the lead vessel proceeded to purchase a large tract of land on the western side of the island, where abandoned housing from the miners lay. From within the submarines, the enigmatic fellow and his workers proceeded to unload a variety of machinery of incredible size, drill-bits and engines completely foreign to the isolated Alor. The run-down housing district was leveled by Mr. Ironstride and his crew in a matter of days, and before season's end an enormous drilling contraption was built over the site. When told that the island had long since been mined of all its resources, he merely replied that he was after something else, keeping silent about his true aims.

    The great drill burrowed through the empty earth for weeks before ceasing, finding what the locals knew there would be to find; nothing. But then, in the cold of Frostshroud, the drill finally powered down, and the workmen of the West Anvil Trading Company descended into the shaft. The locals were prevented from peering into the depths, but rumors of sparkling green gemstones began to spread throughout the town; the mining expedition had discovered emeralds. More interesting, though, was the otherworldly sound that began emanating from the digging site after the drill ceased its work. Some called it music, others heard no rhythm to it at all; whatever it was, it was clear that the miners had found something far more interesting than the gems they were now exporting from the isle. For nearly a full season the sound could be heard from the drill site, changing often in tone or frequency, until it ceased just before the end of the year without warning. An enormous explosion rocked the island, causing the pit to collapse over top of whatever had been found below. Silently, the Daggerlanders packed their things into the submarines and departed from the isle seemingly as soon as they had come. The island was left in peace once more, though for how long, none can say.

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