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  • After the Second Calling, many international businesses sprang up across A'therys. While one typically thinks first of the Daggerlands and the Merchants' Guild, there now exist other competing entities throughout the plane. Blackstone Trade and Sundry was one such example, standing strong as the largest trade organization in Aloreh before it was destroyed during the war in 7C-263. Tightly under the control of House Blackstone, it served as a strong argument against the control of the Daggerlander merchants while it still existed.

    The Noble House Blackstone is an old entity, with a strong linage of affluent Alor dating back nearly to the beginning of the nation. They once resided in a sprawling merchant town just west of Methes Avonthes, where the company was also headquartered. While the family held tight control on the trade flux in Aloreh for many hundreds of years, it was only in 7C-194 that the company was created under their name. Just before the organization was driven out of existence, it was overseen by patriarch and Orator Prince Taloran Blackstone and his cousin Amodias, who himself also held a seat within the Court of Thesse. The Blackstones were a strong political force within the court for as long as anyone could remember, but much of their modern success was attributed to the business itself. The city to which they laid claim was at the time the national market within Aloreh, primarily due to the successes of the family and the close proximity to the ports of Methes Avonthes.

    Despite this longtime success, the company started on the road to its downfall in 7C-258. There were major difficulties in expanding into certain nations, the Daggerlands in particular, and when deals to have a regional headquarters built in the new capital city fell through a good deal of investment capital was lost. This loss only compounded the troubles the organization was having with its markets in Ithero, themselves beginning to refuse trade with the Alor business due to mounting tensions between the two nations. When war broke out, they were an immediate target, and the Itheri navy began to make it very difficult to trade with virtually any nation over sea routes. In 7C-263, House Blackstone was forced to cut its losses and close Blackstone Trade and Sundry in the face of massive debt. The House has yet to recover from this blow, forced as they were to retire from society in Methes Avonthes out of shame. Considering that the Merchants' Guild has grown only stronger since the end of the war, it is very unlikely that House Blackstone will be able to return to business any time soon.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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