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  • A'therys is full of unusual places and people, and always has been. But perhaps no mortal being is more of an enigma than Cazmiro, a self-proclaimed prophet of the entire pantheon of A'therian gods who leads a movement to bring them back. The veracity of all of his claims is worth questioning, but his powers are clearly great. He has amassed a great following of believers, dazzling them with his miracles, but no matter how public he may be, his history is no more known than it ever was.

    As far as any scholar who has watched his meteoric rise can tell, Cazmiro was a simple citizen of Aloreh before he became the wandering prophet he is today. Born to simple Alor farmers in the shadow of Methes Avonthes, his early life was unremarkable in every way. But around 7C-243 mentions of a boy with that name end completely, and the trail runs cold until Cazmiro the Beloved steps onto the world stage 14 years later as an adult. He proclaimed himself a prophet of every god, given visions by them of a perfect world in which they return to grace A'therys once more, and he is to be the leader that makes that happen. Most in A'therys are skeptical at best, but it cannot be argued that the miracles he works are great; works of magic that cannot be accomplished by even a group of mages from the Arcane College are handled by Cazmiro with ease, amazing his followers and newcomers alike.

    The interesting thing about Cazmiro is that he does not seem to have any ulterior motives. He truly believes in the cause he is fighting for, and is convinced that he can bring to pass what he claims. The same cannot be said for every member of the Agents of the Gods, his group of followers, however; there are those who wish to find the source of his power and use it for themselves. But these people are few. Cazmiro's greatest adversary is Oscelle Ashwalker, a Daggerlander revolutionary who would like nothing more than for all mention of the gods and those who worship them to be wiped from A'therys. She works peacefully for the most part, using her League of Progress for largely humanitarian purposes. But these two great figures on the A'therian world stage are bound to clash in a grand way many times in the future, and no matter which side is correct, only one can come out ahead. It will be interesting to see where the allegiance of mortals in A'therys truly lies.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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