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  • It is important to remember that A'therys has not always been a world in which one could freely travel. Airships were only relatively recently brought into major use, and before that only nations with access to the ocean could travel the plane as a whole. Inland travel was much more difficult, especially as some of the nations had no proper road system until after the Second Calling. Mapping the terrain of A'therys was difficult and dangerous, and it is for this reason that we remember Kassenias Anton.

    Anton was born in 3C-114 as a member of House Moraeos, one of the ancient Alor Noble Houses that continues to rule that nation. While Moraeos has fallen somewhat, being forced to mingle with other houses to keep their lineage alive, in Anton's time it thrived. Known for its cartographers and explorers, House Moraeos enjoyed the appreciation of Thesse for their thrilling tales of adventure, and none among the house lived to become as famous as Kassenias Anton. At the age of nineteen he had already hired his own ship and crew, with the publicly stated goal of mapping the entirety of A'therys. It was a bold claim, but within years he was well on his way as an Envoy of Thesse. He made first in 3C-134 for Calastore, finding the city to be distasteful when compared to the grandeur of his native Methes Avonthes. He afterwards spent time in Qhul Rahav, some say in the company of Sav-Synavhimself. On his way north to map the cold shores of Vrovona, he was set upon by the Vrovonic Legion, which towed his ship to the capital and held him aboard for almost a full season. He was able to map the area sufficiently before being allowed his freedom, as his captors were merely interested in his gold, and immediately made for the safer waters of Roreg Logh. Notably, he side-stepped The Daggerlands in his quest due to the nature of the place at the time. The Halls of Dorrod Muth proved more difficult, due to their subterranean nature, but after a mere decade he was home again, his task completed in 3C-145.

    He was thrown a grand welcome, and received an audience with Thesse herself. His name spread throughout the world, if not by a similar national pride then certainly by the use of his maps. His skill at cartography was unparalleled, and he made much coin in the sale of his charts. He also wrote many books about his travels, each one more embellished than the last. It was on this series of adventurous novels that Theobald Whistwallow was raised, inspiring him to lead his own house back into relevance in the modern age. Parallels are drawn between the two figures constantly by Alor scholars, though they are understandably slow to point out faults among Orator Princes old and new. Loghec records from Anton's visit to their sprawling city paint a different picture of the man, claiming that he did little work at all and instead had his hired servants do all the actual cartography. They also claim he was terrified of virtually everything, refusing to even go into the dark of the Loghec catacombs. It leaves one curious as to the veracity of his novels, but none can deny the geographical knowledge he made available to A'therys.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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