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  • “The Alor tradition is to pursue victories not on the battlefield, but in the stateroom. The chosen weapon is the impassioned tongue, in place of the cold and unfeeling machine. But that year the winds blew differently, and carried the enemy to our shores with rifle and sabre in hand. We engineered vessels that could speed our success, leveling them at our aggressors in gross displays of force. These things, our Goddess will surely never forgive.”
    - From the Memoirs of Oriane Nicodon

    Though now a common face in politics, Oriane Nicodon made his name as a military man. As commander of the Alor airship fleet during the War of Eventide, Nicodon was responsible for a great many victories against the Itheri Navy, most notably in the near-capture of Calastore during the Crescent Run of 7C-264. Having been aboard the Alor flagship, he was said to have saved many sailors' lives by tossing them overboard before being blown clear into the bay himself. He sustained severe injuries, particularly burns to his arms and neck which he now covers with long sleeves and makeup; during his months-long hospital stay in Methes Avonthes, Theobald Whistwallowwas known to visit frequently.

    Upon his recovery from the hospital of Methes Avonthes on the 6th of Wind's Renewal, 7C-264, Oriane made his way to the Orator Court to petition for a barony. Respected among the court for his heroics, they passed his petition. When Erassios Shroudbearer asked him which territory he sought, Oriane smiled bitterly as he replied, “All the land I can see from the Cathedral of Thesse atop C'æniquent.” His arrival upon the island once known for its argentate mines marked a new era for the ghost town. Under his rule, no questions were asked of those seeking to do business, as he desired a 'free city' where any could come and go as they pleased, and where a man was only limited by his ingenuity and cunning. Rechristening the city as his great experiment, he refuses to actively engage in its business, observing and watching.

    Nicodon is an imposing figure himself, standing over two meters in height; his preference of military dress to the somewhat more foppish styles of the Alor nobility, even in retirement, add to his image even more. His brusque demeanor adheres to old traditions in an age where only the Cult seems to otherwise continue them; and few minds can understand the context of the world he has seen. Although Oriane stood devoted to Thesse for the majority of his life, many believe his faith to be under crisis post-war, and consider this a reasonable explanation for his ‘great experiment’.

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