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  • When Ar-Selukk is envisioned by foreigners, Sal-Ba'ari is commonly what they imagine. Due to its proximity to Qhul Rahav, many outsiders have visited the city and its surrounding state. Modern archaeologists are also interested in its history under the Rannek, and historians believe that the southern part of the region may have once held that civilization's capital city. Locals pride themselves on something altogether different, however; their prized stock of kajrohim, reptilian pack animals of unmatched speed and intelligence in the desert. It is common knowledge that the city of Sal-Ba'ari is the place to go when looking to trade for the creatures. The city routinely hosts races for kajrohim and their riders, one of the most dangerous in the world; as it circles most of the desert landscape around Qhul Rahav before returning to the city. Thanks to the economy generated around the kajrohim trade, the city has been able to modernize somewhat alongside the capital state to its immediate east; Sal-Ba'ari is one of the few states whose dheran has sworn fealty to the Regent. Regular airship travel between the two cities is still some years off, but the state capital does have the ability to receive such vessels when they arrive for the races and merchanting.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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