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  • Something of a folk take even in his own country, Serices was a man created, not born - a son begotten of a pact with Jovnhast early in A'therian prehistory. His mother, an incredibly powerful sorceress banished from what would become Aloreh, sought to use him as part of a ritual to achieve eternal life. An uprising took place among her estate and personal guard, however, and she was slain before her preparations were complete. Instead, the child was rescued and given to a mason, with none aware of the circumstances of his birth. It became quickly apparent that the boy had incredible magical talent. He rose quickly to power as the few people left on the estate were either too terrified to say no, or grateful to have someone or something to protect them from the gods. Over time, he developed a near-omniscience within the borders of his kingdom, able to gaze across his lands without leaving his estate.

    By the time of Anur yav-Qar'ren, Serices was ancient, but still strong of mind and youthful in features; his body coated in strange runes and symbols, his life prolonged by the dark ritual that had led to his existence. The estate that once housed him became a dark, cramped and fearful place, for in his paranoia he would let none of his subjects leave his sight. Over time, walls were built, ever taller and thicker, to house and guard his people, so that more of his arcane attentions could be focused on his supposed "enemies" and "rivals" at the borders of his domain. Serices himself was almost never seen, and his people typically referred to him simply as "the Keeper," "the Watcher," or "The Old Man on the Wall." It is said that you could even feel if Serices was watching you, though those who lived long enough in Tamat-Olrun knew that he was always watching. But his eyes were always turned to the horizon as well, especially towards the west, where he watched the Rannek-zur-Ranne'eth rise to power.

    Serices spent his entire life within his walls, watching his borders fervently, sometimes sending out guards to eradicate any from the west who came too close. He would often kill the guards as well, once they had seen the outside world. When the Rannek began to encroach on his territory in numbers too great for him to destroy with just a few guardsmen, Serices became terrified. When Sav-Synav appeared to him and promised a solution, Serices jumped at the chance. But even the Watcher did not see as Sav-Synav provoked both sides to attack, causing incredible destruction and death across the entire continent. As the war moved into its final days, the city of the Tamat-Olrun was in ruins - largely due to the magic of Serices himself, who started killing his own people as they tried to escape the carnage. When the endless walls finally fell under the weight of the conjured beasts of Beylant, the very ground beneath it opened and swallowed its ruins whole. For a full seven days his howls of rage echoed from that deep pit, and for seven days his unsavory witchcraft continued to devastate the fleeing Rannek pilgrims, before at last it stopped. Serices the Watcher was no more.

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