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  • The Eastern Kingdom of what is now Ar-Selukk was one of the oldest mortal city-states in A'therys, having been formed by exiles early in prehistory. Before the Founder's War, they were a people of relative isolation, existing within their ever-expanding walled city under the careful eye of Serices the Watcher. Their eventual conflict with the Rannek-zur-Ranne'eth may have destroyed them, but their collective knowledge is said to still remain in the lost library of Surei Mavrul av-Rejjas. Though their remaining people have scattered to the corners of the deserts, their descendants were said to possess a higher sense to the ebb and flow of magical energies than most, an eternal imprint of their warden and his art.

    Curiously enough, the people that came to exist under Serices the Watcher found their origins in rural Aloreh. A powerful sorceress, banished along with her estate, moved to the unclaimed wilds of what is now Ar-Selukk to continue her dark craft. There are those in modern Aloreh that claim she was related to what became House Longweather, but the truth in this is unknown. In any case, her estate was small, and her only interests were her work. Through a pact with Jovnhast, she begat a child, intending to use him to attain immortality using dark rituals, but she was killed in an uprising before she was able to complete preparations. This child became Serices the Watcher, and it is he who expanded the estate into the kingdom known as Tamat-Olrun. Literally meaning "The Walls of the Old Man," it was so called for Serices' penchant for wandering the endless walls which he ordered constructed to encompass his expanding lands, aiding in his near-omniscience with regards to his territories. All these attributes meant that he was strongly attuned to the arrival of the Rannek, and their rise to power as the Western Kingdom.

    The people of Tamat-Olrun lived a life of guarded seclusion. During the early years before his crippling paranoia, Serices was known to have let wandering refugees into his city. But aside from this, most never saw life outside of the endless walls of Serices, and he rarely let any of them out. Those few he did were guards or hired thugs, directed to kill any unknown visitors the Watcher saw at his borders. Frequently, Serices would kill these men as well, or else prevent them from returning inside the walls, after they had seen the outside world. Such inhumanity was not born out of malice, but out of the paranoid delusions of his deeply disturbed mind. To the many who never left, Serices was not an especially cruel leader, but he was incredibly controlling just the same.

    When Anur yav-Qar'ren dawned, the people of Tamat-Olrun were mostly conscripted into military service by Serices. The able-bodied were given rudimentary combat training, and Serices bestowed simple weapons with a fraction of his power. Their instructions were simple: to kill as many of the enemy Rannek soldiers as possible. But the incredible conjured beasts of Beylant the Wanderer proved too much even for Serices, who used his own nightmarish magic to torment the opposing army. Eventually, the creatures tore down the ruined walls, consuming the remaining citizens therein. It was then that the ground beneath the state opened, swallowing the remains of the kingdom, the beasts, and the Watcher himself.

    Some of the people of Tamat-Olrun managed to survive, but they were very few in number; most were the soldiers dispatched to the capital of the Rannek far to the west. Their previous life gone, literally enveloped by the magic of their master, they dissolved into the remaining tribes of the now-desolate wastes. But before doing so, they erected an enormous monument to the knowledge that had been contained within the old walls: Surei Mavrul av-Rejjas, Nobility's Unbeginning. The great, lost library existed as a testament to the strength of those within the walls and the crazed man who built and destroyed them. There are those today who could trace their lineage back to the people of Tamat-Olrun, if they so chose, varied as they are among the Selukkite tribes even today. They have little group identity, though members of that bloodline are rumored to be more sensitive the arcane than their brethren.

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