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  • Ever since the Zenith Break, Atvoria’s warped fate has rendered the nation within a living storybook. Emphasizing its heroes and Quest, the once-thriving people of Nalegeos have turned a makeshift system of monasteries into a republic of guild leaders, attempting their best to hold the nation together against itself. Riddled with mystery, living story elements, and citizens born into strange destinies, the nation of Atvoria boasts a fantastical element. Yet beyond the glamour, sinister forces lurk beneath; be it the irekiin who once served the fabled warlord Blaiden Kir, the dragon Zahatmos within his crystalline palace, or even the guilds themselves - playing at politics with no god to sweep the Premiers away to partake in the Quest.


    Recent Activities

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    Although it has been nearly two centuries since Blaiden Kir’s rise and fall, a subtle fear lurks behind the minds of Atvoria’s neighbors abroad. If the volcanic caldera of Imoura should erupt again, will such an invasion be curbed? Among the chief contenders towards this effort have been the Exaltation League and Binders of the Atramentum Syndicate. The former has used its influence to train its members in the arts of war, in addition to the bonds of brotherhood and chivalry it has forged among its members as they guard the civilian populace. Meanwhile, the Binders have developed new means to identify, capture, and contain irekiin in the hopes of preventing such outbreaks before they begin. Despite this progress, a grim reality has begun to set in among their members. Should their seals fail, the resulting outbreak could far exceed that which Blaiden Kir commanded.



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    Though the central regions of Atvoria are universally pastoral, the continent is fairly diverse. Cartographers typically divide the remainder of the country into six major geographical regions. The Waterbury Downs, the Sky Trail, Maysteer’s Mark, the Capthorne Wilds, the Northern Marches, and New Bellsound. With its many forests and natural glamour, the atmosphere of Atvoria’s settlements are always bustling with business from all over A’therys. The fertile lands are ripe with nutrients enough to keep the grasses green even during the majority of the winter months, until the killing frost blows in during Frostshroud and Reckoning. The average rainfall varies between wet and humid to mild and dry, dependent on proximity to the coast, Dalkun-Tir, and the Shattered Lands.


    Flora and Fauna

    Home to a wide array of colorful trees, Atvoria houses groves that amaze even experienced botanists. From the steel-shade leaves that grow leaves akin to thin-flakes of iron, to blood-weepers that act as a herald to distant battles of the past; the flora reflect the very emotions and stories of its inhabitants. The nation also has another race living among them: the mysterious kiinfolk. Whether it be a beautiful maiden or a puckish trickster, the kiinfolk come in many forms and demand great caution from locals and foreigners alike. A seemingly ordinary traveler may turn out to be far more than they appear, and one never knows when or how a kind gesture or a cruel rebuke will come back to them.



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    Founded at the turn of the Age of Balance, Atvoria’s Tridecon Council serves as the official face of the nation. Its thirteen chairs include twelve Premiers, the chosen monastic figurehead to represent a character in The Quest. This including over seventy-five smaller guilds that branch from it and the hundreds of members that support them. Most Guilds elect their Premier, while some rely on inherited positions appointed by a retiring Premier. The exception is The Manslayer, who is chosen within the Gorge and is never represented upon the Council. The Twelve Guild Premiers are joined by the Warden of the Gorge, who stands by the empty thirteenth seat at every meeting. His duty is a simple one, to oversee the transportation and containment of prisoners, and to execute the tiebreaker vote, if necessary.


    Towns and Cities

    * Glasscastle
    * Dendros on the Sea

  • VoriFlag.pngArtwork by : Cicetil
    Political Information
    Type of Government Republic of Guildmasters
    Head of Government Tridecon Council
    Sigil Represented on the flag is the Zenith Break; breaching along a strand of fate; Thirteen stars represent the heroes of The Quest. Twelve white, and a single segregated black star to represent The Manslayer who betrays them all.
    Colors Violet and Black
    Physical Information
    Founded Early 1st Cycle
    Region South of Dalkun Tir, east of Kilnholdt, southeast of Eztalpaltl. Its eastern and southern shores border the Turamezza Ocean, its western shore borders Dendrin's Strait.
    Points of Interest Sky Trail, The Gorge.
    Societal Information
    Capital Glasscastle
    NPC Towns Dendros on the Sea
    Player Cities  
    Demonym Vori
    Adjectival Atvoren



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