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  • Borne by glamour, she is oft compared to a shining star, the most beautiful city in Atvoria. While the bazaars of Seten-Nan blends modern rigging within archaic ruins and Daidama's Caru Ryang masks unbending order behind layers of tradition, Glasscastle stands fresh and proud. Twenty years ago, it was just another harbor; prosperous, but nothing special. In a single night, the dragon Zahatmos changed all that. Drawing a great castle from the foaming sea, he transformed the country roads into tree-lined streets, conjuring his new domain from the substance of air. As determined dragon-slayers hounded the castle, the tiny harbor grew into a settlement-city within a month; the instruments of government moved to the newly created city within a year, and by 7C-332, Atvoria's new capital had been firmly established.
    Glasscastle lies amid the most powerful manifestations of awe and glamour in the nation. At its nexus stands Zahatmos' castle, an astounding edifice of gleaming crystal towers and marble walls. The castle rises from a formation of black rocks, overlooking the eastern sea like a sentinel. Across the great bridge that spans its constant shadow, the Tridecon Council holds court. Assembled akin to guardposts, the crystalline guildhalls form a circle around the bridge’s causeway, using its central court to entertain diplomats and governing the nation. Beautiful galleries full of paintings and sculptures decorate the complex, while enchanted orange and lemon trees dot the outer courtyard. 
    The city itself follows a strange pattern of streets and alleyways. The layout is confusing to first-time visitors; streets often end in a three-way intersection or loop back on one another. Few notice, however, due to the breathtaking beauty. Trees and other greenery intermingle with the buildings, forming a seamless bond with the surrounding countryside. Glasscastle blends perfectly with the land around it, lending it a sense of harmony and well-being. A few twisting streets can't dispel the city's magic. 
    However, upon the seemingly eternal rocks which support it, the grand castle contains a terrible fate. Despite many approaching to view it, or even govern within its shadow, none willingly enter it. Rumors state that Zahatmos maintains a vast treasury within the castle, driving adventurers to brave the twisting hallways within. Those who prove their mettle are said to be tested personally by the dragon himself; for none have ever returned.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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