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  • The Institute of Doctrine, whose students are commonly referred to as the Wards, is the Atvoren institution responsible for the education and rituals of Atvoria. The name, though implying everyone in Atvoria is indoctrinated, is rooted in a philosophy that is deeply embedded in the Institute’s teachings. The idea that in Atvoria everyone has a purpose within the great Quest, and that the only way to achieve and live up to that purpose is for people's strengths and weaknesses to be discovered and fostered at an early age. That philosophy is what the Institute of Doctrine is founded upon.

    Schooling begins early, the younger the better, for the sooner one finds and embraces their role in the Great Quest, the sooner they can begin to prepare to join their respective guilds. As a result, most general studies are fully completed before one’s teenage years, leading to a high literacy rate when compared to other nations. Apprenticeship tends to occur around an individual’s late adolescence to young adulthood, often creating a popularity contest among Wards that have not yet been inducted into a respective guild.

    As a Ward comes of age, their trials and tribulations only begin to get tougher - education from the world and situations they face, as well as the mountains of books and lessons their scholarly professors pound into them. In this vein of “active education,” most tend to find their calling. The difficulties of life on the road may come easier to prospective members of the Greenwalkers, gracefully securing food for an evening, and finding the balance of nature around them. Some face their first true gamble during these trial lessons, and from this first chance encounter with Lady Luck gain a fanciful taste at seizing their fortunes. Even simple everyday dialogue can give one an inclination to their place within guild, as most young Judges prove themselves at solving the simplest of civil disputes, or the most complicated of legal cases.

    There have been very few instances when people fail to move past the stage of apprenticeship. These unfortunate few are often deemed unfit to lead in the quest by a majority of their peers, and though disappointment at one’s role may hamper potential growth, it is reassuring to know that no matter the circumstance, all eventually end up somewhere in Atvoria’s system. Soon enough, those unclaimed are taken under the very doctrine they have learned from all their lives, and become fully fledged professionals among the Wards. To these few individuals, the life of education and servitude to the future icons of Atvoria is considered a great honor, and to embrace this lifestyle is to embrace a future of security and educational encouragement to all heroes that come through the Ward’s doors.


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