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  • In a nation where heroes and legends emphasize its history, Gorad Maysteer is somewhat of a black stain on Atvoren history. The Age of Uncertainty had barely begun, and in 7C-34 the situation in Atvoria was tense. Droughts had ruined crop harvests the previous year, and the following floods had left many without a home. Gorad was, at the time, a low-ranking officer of the Greenwalkers Lodge, a skilled trapper by trade. He had lost both his home and family in the floods, and saw the wealth of food beyond Atvoria's borders as a means to stop the Vori from starving.

    A true man of the people, or so it seemed, many regarded him highly for organizing rescue efforts during the floods. He was a man of ambition and garnered support from those around him, both the rescuers and those that were rescued. Rather than face another harsh winter, he gathered his supporters to launch an assault on the ancient armories of Nalageos. They captured weapons, armor, and the treasured moonlight lenses. He then bartered with swordsmen of the monastery of St. Enham for their support in raids to get food for the starving and displaced populace. They began raiding Kilden granaries, taking everything they could, assaulting them by night to steal supplies and weapons. As their forces grew bolder, so too did Gorad, aggressively recruiting the commonfolk of Atvoria into a militia. He gathered a true army, complete with artillery, foot soldiers, archers, mages and even cavalry. Slowly, as their forces grew, they began a full-blown invasion of Kilnholdt.

    With Kilnholdt still fighting between itself after the death of Abelard Jung, their civil strife allowed the Atvoren army to breach its borders. The Kild were unprepared for the initial onslaught, Atvoren military strategies having long been forgotten. However, it was this invasion that finally unified the Kild under Arvin Schafer as the Vori forces marched deeper into Kilden territory.

    After three years, the borders were secured and established, and Gorad was captured in battle and Schafer demanded audience with the ruler of Atvoria. With no true rule yet established, and the squatting dragon Zahatmos locked inside the ruins of Nalageos' castle, Atvoria's guilds came together to form the Tridecon Council. Appearing on the international scene for the first time in 7C-37, the inexperienced council was forced to sign a treaty of non-aggression while agreeing to pay reparations to Kilnholdt. In addition, Gorad Maysteer was to be publicly executed in Korth, giving up any Kilden land he had laid claim to.

    Despite his infamy among the Kild, he is nonetheless responsible for the formation of Avoria's modern government. The Greenwalkers Lodge maintains an empty seat in his honor, refusing to allow his deeds to be forgotten. On the other hand, the Atramentum Syndicate holds him with some degree of disdain; particularly the Binders, who often must track down Irekiin that have taken his story upon themselves.


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