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  • The Daggerlands were originally divided into ten states, reflecting its inhabitants' seeming obsession with numerical balance. In the heart of the modern wastes is Crucible, the state in which the capital Monas Roth resides. This metropolitan state is the most densely populated on the continent, mainly thanks to the enormity of the new capital. Bordering the capital state's west, east, and north are the other three most populous states in the nation, clockwise from the west: Redcoast, Anvil, and Harrow. The state of Anvil is known primarily as the home of the West Anvil Trading Company in Sablemarch, which borders a giant, ancient caldera without room for much else in terms of settlements. The few others that have sprung up similarly share the outer rim of the dead volcano. Redcoast is known for its significant coastal iron deposits, or once was before it was mined out; the oxidation of the deposits gave the coastline a rust-red sheen, lending the state its modern name.  The state of Harrow encompasses the largest volcano in the country and the site of Golgorai's ancient forge. Its southernmost cities function a as suburbs of Crucible, moderately populated with strong ties to Aloreh. To the east of Harrow, Ironlight is known as the state where the Mortal Heroes first made landfall.

    On the southern side of the mainland, far less populous than the more globalized west, are the states of Stonemere, Blackshear, and Cinderweald. These three states are the wildest states in terms of governance, specifically because they are the states most encroached upon by the poison swamps of Rammat. Most towns here are heavily fortified and clustered on the roads, guarding themselves against both violent cultists and the native creatures there. The law there is the same, though it is enforced more strictly out of necessity - a "lost" city does not bode well in the fight against Rammat. And these states are most definitely on the front lines of the fight to drive back the swamps, or bend them to the will of the Daggerlanders. While purification experiments and safe lumber harvesting are rapidly showing progress, there is much time yet before the pragmatic Daggerlanders will find final success.

    Southeast of the mainland are the final two original states. Fracture encompasses the northern side of the island, and is famous for the jagged canyon for which it is named. The Scar is crisscrossed with deep trenches and high peaks, geological destruction left over from extensive mining operations over the Age of Balance and continuing even now. The two states collectively are the new mining center of the Daggerlands, seeded as they are with ancient sediment distributed by long-inactive volcanoes. 

    By the conclusion of the War of Eventide, in 7C-263, Aloreh had accumulated a hefty war debt to The Daggerlands. Although debates among the Magistrate veered towards upholding the nation to their payments, and was primarily supported by those associated with the West Anvil Trading Company, an alternative payment of three islands was presented by the Orator Court. With efforts to purify the swamps of Rammat yielding slow success, and worries towards the Daggerlands' growing population, the court's proposal was accepted and the first colonies arrived upon the islands in 7C-264.

    The Outmaw Islands, as they came to be known, are infamous for the harsh currents surrounding them; as such airships remain the preferred method of transit to and from the region. Initially these colonies were an attempt at long term solution in the Daggerlands' need for fresh food; reducing costs of importing goods. Over the course of the past three years, they have started to grow larger in population than originally anticipated; enough so that the Magistrate called for a summit on the eighty-eighth of Stormshift, 7C-267. After three days of debate between the colonists, those who stood in favor of statehood, and those who stood against the proposal; Outmaw was officially recognized as The Daggerlands' eleventh state.

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