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  • “The life of the Mirekeeper is harsh, burdened as he is with the defense of the settlements of the Weald. His gaze is cast always, by sun’s befogged ray or yellowed gaslamp’s beam, towards the grasping shadows of the swamp. For it is there that the Viperess schemes, and whence her sickened zealots strike.”
    - Idril Goldwright, 'On the Eastern Frontier'
    Around the edges of the continent of the Daggerlands lie vast poison swamps; dark, damp expanses of decay and shadow. It is within these festering pools that Rammat makes her home and teaches her followers. In these swamps, things change; perception is altered, and those not strong enough of mind can lose their sanity.
    In the millennia of the Age of Balance, the few mortals who managed to escape the factories and mines of Golgorai-Asthas would find only the swamps and the sea to mar the barren Daggerlands. Most would perish, as the ocean was too vast to cross alone, and the poisons from the swamps where some would claim shelter took their toll over time. However, in some mortals Rammat would see some aspect of herself, a shifting and unpredictable poison as strong as her own. She would appear to them, and take them to secret domains hidden within the marshes. She would teach them the ways of the swamp, in return for their servitude, and the former prisoner would be accepted into the Cult of Rammat.
    Without the Asthas Lord continuing his vile machinations, Rammat has been free to expand the poisonous swamps inland, claiming more of the continent with each passing week. There is a campaign rising within the Daggerlands to drive back the encroaching poisons, or even to eradicate it completely. The West Anvil Trading Company, a strong force within the country, has invested exorbitant sums of money into the production of an antidote for the poisons; a way to turn the swamps into fertile land that would be welcomed within the Daggerlands. Some mortals have even begun to pray to Baphus, that he might come and sweep away the decay and install lush greenery in its place. If the Daggerlanders are to fertilize their land, the swamps of Rammat will need to be repurposed or removed, and it will be a clash of wills to see whether the stubborn Daggerlanders will be able to send the goddess from their lands.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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