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  • Born in 6C-945, Ura Ji entered the priesthood as soon as he was old enough. In his youth, he suffered a seizure, during which Mosech-Tan prophesied a great destiny and gave him a brief glimpse of the future. Galvanized with religious fire, Ura Ji's zeal propelled him to be appointed to the priesthood's adjudicators at a relatively young age. Over the course of ten years, he successfully captured and brought before the goddess hundreds of criminals, each bearing forth an impressive number of crimes. The lives he shattered mattered not at all. His only concern was the conviction of their crimes, no matter the cost to the body or mind. After all, his victims’ agony paved the way to their atonement. His reward - certainly unasked for - was promotion to the position of Imperator when Mosech-Tan departed at the Second Calling. Despite beliefs that a mortal ruler would allow crime to escape unnoticed, Ura Ji viciously swept out corruption within the courts of Caru Ryang, which spurred his loyal followers to swift and decisive action in their dealings with faithful and heretic alike.

    Yet as with many rulers, the fiery passion of justice began to fade and the people soon threatened a revolt under increased political tensions between territories. Swearing to never see a second shattering of the Daidamese lands, he began to replace his actions with cool logic that seemed all the more rational when delivered in his measured, careful speech. In his final years, he wrote philosophy into books of morals, known as "The Law of Wall", hoping to rival the holy scriptures of Mosech-Tan herself. In doing so, he not only secured the nation's stability but ensured the position of Imperator would remain so. Despite whispers of criminals snatched away in the night to be interrogated by the Imperator personally, the majority of the nation came to terms with the formal and precise formality in which the Imperator carried himself. Utilizing his Adjudicators as a policing force for the commoners extended oversight of law and order, as not to let the law fall upon deaf ears. Peasants were finally able to own their land through legal documentation. Taxation was calculated per person rather than by land ownership, which enabled the government to calculate a relatively accurate census. Rice production was extended, which improved the daily diet and health of the poor. 

    Despite the death of Ura Ji in 7C-68, the role of Imperator had been secured as the nation’s leader, keeping the Adjudicators as the pre-eminent policing force within the government. His books and legacy, according to some (quickly targeted as heretics and unbelievers), eclipsed even the teachings of Seon Kuma.


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