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  • Founded on the ruins of an annihilated empire of old, Dalkun-Tir exists on a graveyard of forgotten technology. Surviving day to day by mining, salvaging, and scrapping materials from these ruins, the Dalkun civilization is literally built upon the bones of their forefathers. Hollowing out ancient towers, repurposing them to their own designs, and expanding upon them using what materials they can find - each settlement is unique based on what the caravans have uncovered and traded. Despite their seemingly simple day to day routines, the Dalkun are highly intuitive engineers and thriving inventors when given the proper equipment and supplies to work with.


    Recent Activities

    Main article: History
    A renaissance of sorts is happening in Dalkun-Tir. With a young generation seeking to uncover the mysteries of ruins once melted down for their useful components, some believe they have found clues towards unlocking the technology of the past civilization. Abroad, the Outrider Sainaiz Yesun recently launched an expedition into the fallen nation of Eztalpaltl in search of survivors. While the party only found desolation and twisted abominations, a treasure trove of materials from the fallen Eztalpaltli cities made its way into Seten-Nan. Should either the ruins of their forefathers or the fallen cities of the Alchemy Nation bear fruit, Dalkun-Tir may very well rise a technological superiority...



    Main article: Geography
    Dalkun-Tir's heart is the River Truuhul, which gives life to a narrow flood-plain. This flood plain splits the nation into is eastern and western halves; with rising mesaland to the west and dust plains to the east. Along the northern border with Daidama run a series of jagged steppes that have been contested between the two nations since their founding.


    Flora and Fauna

    Commonly seen towing caravan supplies, the Ghy'takh is a giant land-based crustacean that carves its own shell mold from solid stone. Domesticated by the natives who customize their own shell molds, these beasts of burden are a staple to Dalkun trade and travel. Within the dry dunes and plains to the east, it is said the Uskhaig predict the coming of dust and sand storms. Hunting its prey within the storms, and scavenging the remains of those killed within them; they are not unlike the Dalkun raiders themselves.

    Though there are few plants which grow outside the floodplains, there are several which sustain and aid the Dalkun as they wander beyond the safety of the Truuhul river. Singebark grows along the sides of the mesa canyons, and striking two sticks together will create fire with ease. The Old Man o' the Wastes can be found anywhere dry enough to sustain it, and its roots provide nourishment for those who can stand its bitter taste. Though often torn from its roots in dust storms, Wanderer's Parchment is a hardy fern that can function as paper, cloth, or binding  - most often plucked in desperation to cover one's face at the onset of a sudden storm.



    Main article: Government
    Without a true central government, the people of Dalkun-Tir are primarily wanderers and scrappers, living off the land in its harsh seasons. Associated within collectives known as caravans, each seeks out sources of supplies (be it by scavenging, herding, or raiding) to maintain their equipment and routes. Those who have settled out of this pattern often foster trading hubs; acting as service and supply points to caravans making their journeys through the wastes. The single unifying factor among their people remains The Outrider, a chosen prophet of Orvesu gifted with archaic magic and memory. Serving as an ambassador between caravans and spiritual guide, it is said that each Outrider knows but a piece of the puzzle that is Orvesu's plan, and brings it to fruition over the course of his reign.


    Towns and Cities

    * Seten-Nan
    * Urtan'kir
    * Otu-Hait

  • DalkunFlag.jpgArtwork by : Dani
    Political Information
    Type of Government Sortition
    Head of Government The Outrider
    Sigil Two cleavers, raised over the plains towards the sky, represent the belief that one day they will destroy the Daidamese; Orvesu will make the skies and rivers turn red and lead them to the mountains of Daidama.
    Colors Orange and Beige
    Physical Information
    Founded 2C-439
    Region East of Eztalpaltl, south of Daidama, north of Atvoria. Its eastern shore borders the Turamezza Ocean
    Points of Interest The Abyss, Glaf's Folly, Truuhul River, Bas Mutar
    Societal Information
    Capital Seten-Nan
    NPC Towns Urtan'kir
    Player Cities  
    Demonym Dalkun
    Adjectival Dalkun



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