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  • In the golden age of the ancient empire, great mechanisms and creations rose to the sky of Seten-Nan and many sister cities were said to flourish. The fall of Marao and collapse of their advanced civilization left behind a great deal of metal sheets, plates, nuts, bolts, and gears. To this day, these ruin sites are a primary source of materials for the modern Dalkun.

    Despite the civilization’s fall, the people knew that to endure the wastes, they would have to adapt or die. To that end, the Dalkun place great value in metalwork and tinkering. While the exact purpose of the early civilization’s great machines remains unknown, many of these ancient resources have been scrapped and repurposed for the Dalkun and their caravanserai. Most materials are stripped from the underbelly of Seten-Nan and other ancient ruins by scavenger caravans. Scrappers purchase the metals to melt the pieces down into workable bars, ingots, and other, more intricate components. Crates of reworked metals are then sold to hustlefolk in the great markets, who attempt to flip them for profit to the myriad of travelers passing through or resupplying.
    A typical Dalkun caravan usually has one boltclanger, a member of the party who has been taught the caravan's secrets and tricks of the metalworking trade. They are responsible for purchasing the metals required for their survival, and often take on an apprentice. The gizmos and gadgets are crafted into improvised tools and weapons, depending on need and supply. Supplementing their caravans, few can compete with the Dalkun’s animal husbandry, from the Ghy'takh that pull hefty cargo across the wastes to the vicious Kharsgal mounts of their raiding parties. Historical record credits the Dalkun with the creation of a leather loop suspended from their saddles, enabling them to maintain their balance while standing and pivoting in the saddle.

    While written language and higher education are uncommon in Dalkun-Tir, the current Outrider in conjunction with the highly inquisitive nature of the Dalkun have lead to a renaissance of sorts, with young caravaniers teaching themselves to read and write. Although Orvesu and his Outriders have always instilled a desire to return to the heights of early Dalkun civilization, the younger generation has taken a different approach, carefully studying the ruins while they salvage scrap. Slowly but surely, the Dalkun are rediscovering their roots. Where caravans would once strip down what they needed and continue onward, now they spend time researching and documenting the ruins and fallen machinery along their travels. The exchange of information between caravans has lead to new discoveries, such as the meanings of various symbols; however, failure to exchange adequate information has caused a number of bloody feuds to erupt.

    With the fall of Eztalpaltl and new machinery discovered in the newly shattered lands, innovation is moving faster than ever. The swamps of Eztalpaltl, once feared for the alkaline rains it spread into western Dalkun-Tir, has become a beacon of curiosity and exploration. While some elders believe the High Alchemists and their mechanisms should be left alone, Outrider Sainaiz Yesun's expedition for survivors brought back an influx of machinery too large to be ignored. While the rest of the world scrambles to make sense of the chaos around them, the Dalkun have set a more straightforward goal for their future. Whether it be rediscovering their past, or boldly riding towards the future, the gears set in place have begun turning. Where this will lead them, not even the Outrider can say.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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